USA vs Mexico Gold Cup Final Player Ratings

June 26, 2011 |

Overall a very poor effort from most on the United States’ side in their 4-2 loss in the Gold Cup final to Mexico. From their world class goalie to their captain to those who shouldn’t have been in the game.

Here goes some player ratings.

I would like to point out i used different websites to confirm some information. These websites include,, and the

GK- Tim Howard- 4.5

Tim was not necessarily bad, but he was definitely not his normal self. He could be blamed for the first goal Mexico scored, but it wasn’t a “Robert Green” error as people are calling those type of mistakes. In other terms it wasn’t simply an awful mistake, just being caught in “no man’s land”. Some say Howard is to blame for the 4th goal (Dos Santos) but in all fairness, let’s give credit where credit is due. Dos Santos could not have placed that ball any more perfect.

Steve Cherundolo- 7

Yes I know, he got hurt in the 11th minute, and did not do too much, but you have to think the outcome would have been so much different. By default Cherundolo gets a 7, simply because I can guarantee you Mexico would not have scored 4 goals with him in the game.

Carlos Bocanegra (Captain)- 5

Bocanegra and Howard both usually command a decent defense, sometimes very good, but the U.S. was just flat out exposed. The Mexican attackers were just smarter, faster and more skilled than the U.S. defenders. While Bocanegra did a solid job helping shut down “chicharito” (Javier Hernandez) there were points during the game where his age started to show, and the defense collapsed. Its hard to imagine a defense without Bocanegra, when he eventually retires.

Clarence Goodson- 4.5

Goodson shows the same thing every match and everybody should know what to expect from him. He is a good player, rarely makes horrible mistakes, but rarely makes game saving plays. Goodson is very strong in the air, and is a very smart defender. His rating will most always be between a 4-6. Goodson could make a solid sub coming in around the 60th or 70th minute, to give a team some quality fresh legs on the back line, but he will most likely never be able to lead a defense, that is intimidating. He will never be a Pique, Puyol, or even David Luis.

Eric Lichaj- 4

Lichaj much like Goodson showed what we knew about him, and didn’t surprise us about anything. He, like Goodson is solid in the air, and a very strong defender that can push and keep his man away from the goal. Unlike Goodson, Lichaj is a young immature player, who was caught too many times during this Gold Cup losing his man. Lichaj needs to work on skill once he has won the ball. I do think Lichaj can be a good defender if the work ethic is there. Lichaj needs to know how good he can be.

Jonathan Bornstein- 1

Bornstein should probably get a 0 but he is getting a 1 simply for one reason. He made a good tackle on Dos Santos (I believe) in the second half that prevented Dos Santos from making a run with the ball. He was awful the rest of the night. You could put him at fault in someway for all the goals (3 at the very very least). Bornstein should not have been put in the game, and proved that once he was in. There was no reason to put him in and move Lichaj to the right, as opposed to simply putting Spector in as a Right Back, and keeping Lichaj on the left.

Landon Donovan- 5

Donovan had a solid first third of the game, but after that it was all downhill. He looked good giving and receiving the ball to teammates, and put the second goal of the game in the back of the net for the U.S. Donovan’s downfall was his defense. He usually hustles and makes good defensive plays in the game. That was not to be seen in the Gold Cup final.

Clint Dempsey- 4

Dempsey much like Donovan was fairly good offensively, playing Donovan a nice ball for his goal, and almost tying the game at 3. But more so than Donovan, Dempsey’s defense was horrendous. He was frustrated, looked disinterested towards the end of the game, and didn’t show the necessary intensity. With a good defensive effort Dempsey would have easily received a 7 maybe even higher.

Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones- 5

They are going to get the exact same ranking because it seemed that they were doing everything in sync, which I blame Bob Bradley for. They need to figure out who the defensive midfielder is. They both dropped, and attacked at the same time. In my opinion Bradley needs to attack while Jones defends, but in all honesty I would be happy if Bradley defended and Jones attacked, it just needs to be consistent.

Freddy Adu- 8

Freddy Adu once again was sensational. He put on moves people forgot he had, and played great balls to his teammates to all parts of the field. Adu is not in there to defend and that was obvious but unlike Donovan and Dempsey (who need to defend) Adu’s offensive game outweighed his lack of defensive skills. Adu needs to be in the conversation to be a “consistent” player on this national team.

Alejandro Bedoya- 4

Bedoya did last night what he has been doing all tournament, been a solid player, nothing great, nothing awful. He has great energy, and sometimes shows skills, but the fact of the matter is if you’re going to be a good team, Bedoya can’t be a starter.

I would like to add some players I think need some Caps to show what they can do.

Omar Salgado, Chris Pontius, Heath Pearce, Ethan White, Omar Gonzalez, Rodney Wallace, Gale Agbossoumonde, Charlie Davies (when fit), Eddie Johnson.

I am not saying they can be difference makers, just guys I think deserve a chance to at least show what they can do.