Vick and Favre

August 18, 2009 |

After the Eagles signed Michael Vick last week and the Vikings signed Brett Favre today, I just want to leave a few brief thoughts about the situation:

1. I am so glad that the Ravens didn’t sign either of these clowns (although allegedly, there was interest in Vick). Michael Vick, in my opinion, is a despicable human being who should rotting in jail, or even worse, a kennel in a jail. Brett Favre has to be the whiniest, attention whore that has not spawned eight children or has a reality show. Which leads me to no#2…..

2. National media will “never stop talking” about those two. Every game that either of them play will either be or attract a circus. They remind me of horror movie villains who never seem to die or the relative or friend that won’t leave your house.

3. I think the way that the Vikings handled the situation is atrocious. I feel sorry for their fans, Favre’s new teammates who worked their butts off in training camp, especially the other quarterbacks, only to have this prima donna fly in on the owner’s plane after camp broke. I am also surprised that they wanted to take a chance on Favre’s rotator cuff injury and poor record in dome stadiums.

4. Vick is not an Eagle because “he saw God”, he “paid the price” or he can be a “weapon” for the Eagles’ offense. He was signed because the Eagles and the NFL know that ALL 32 teams (including OUR Baltimore Ravens) will make money on every #7 jersey that is sold. Jon Gruden even joked about it on ESPN saying that Ron Jaworski would be jealous because Vick will have sold more #7 Eagle jerseys than Jaws did in his 1o years as an Eagle (if I’m not mistaken, I think that Jaws was a Falcon as well).

Their signings are moments that have me ask myself why I enjoy professional sports. It seems like the good guys and gals in sports get less press than the jerks. You hear less about Brian Roberts doing great work with kids than you do about Aubrey Huff  j**ing off and calling Baltimore “horses****”. You hear less about Derrick Mason working with animal shelters and abused animals than about Michael Vick killing and abusing animals.

I am just disgusted that both of those morons are back in the league. I welcome any thoughts or comments that you may be willing to share. If you don’t , especially because you are tired of them, I don’t blame you.