Vick has paid his dues, deserves a shot to get back into football

May 20, 2009 |

Michael Vick got released from prison Wednesday morning and is on his way to Virginia to serve the final two months of his sentence at a halfway house. Many people believe that Vick has not had a severe enough penalty while, including me, believe he has more then paid his due.

There is no denying that the crime that Vick committed was heinous and personally I can not even fathom treating dogs in that way, but by no means is Vick, a hardened criminal that should be shunned by society. He should be given back his right to work.

Many people are pushing for Vick to get suspended from the game for life but this would be too extreme.

Lets take Rams defensive end Leonard Little as an example. In 1998  Little was convicted of driving under the influence and killing a person with his vehicle. Little’s penalty for this was probation and he forced to serve 90 days in prison but did so after the season was over. In fact he did not serve the sentence in 2002. Vick on the other hand has missed two full NFL seasons.

A few months after getting probation Little was again pulled over for Driving Under the Influence and still only got suspended for the first half of the 1999 season.

This guy missed 8 games for two seperate incidents months apart from each that resulted in taking the life a woman. Has he paid his dues? People seem to think so.

When you put things into perspective and look at both crimes, is killing dogs and dogfighting worse then killing another person with your vehicle? I do not think so.

Vick intentionally knew was he doing and should be punished for it, but Little, broke multiple laws and should of been missed an entire season or more.  

The mind set out there from the “Vick haters” is that a dog is a defenseless animal so that is worse then killing a person since the person has the ability to fight back.

This is true but in my opinion murder is murder and should be viewed in the same light depending on the degree.

I loved every pet I had but if someone murdered my dog or my parents, I would obviously want the person that murdered my parents to pay the harsher penalty, and anyone who feels differently needs to step back to reality.

How much more do you want the guy to suffer? He spent 21 months in jail, lost his 14 million dollar estate and most of his money, is being forced to work a 10 dollar an hour construction job and live in a half way house, and some people want him to have his livelyhood taken away completely.

Everyone deserves the right to get their life back in order and if Vick still has the skills to play football he should be allowed to play in the league.

People need to think about if they had a loved one in the same situation, they would want people to show remorse for them, so for them to be hypocritical of Vick is not right.

The fact that Vick is an athlete has made this case a bigger deal then it should be. I am not condoning dog fighting and but people are in jail for worse things and have been rehabilitated and are now functioning members of society.

The NFL has it share of “bad boys” who have broken the law repeatedly even after given chance after chance, just look at Adam “Pacman” Jones. Vick broke the law once, served jail time for it, and deserves the same second chance that players repeatedly get in the NFL.

I believe that Vick is truely remorseful and that he is overall a good person who just made a mistake. I can believe that dog fighting was a part of the culture in the south, but that is no excuse for him doing it.

Dog  fighting is a heinous act and should be outlawed all together, but that is a completely seperate issue.

Vick deserves to be re instated back into the NFL and the right to get his life back. People need to show compassion, and forgive and forgive and forget.

This crime was heinous, but at the rate the NFL something tells me that this won’t be the worst thing we will see an athlete do in the future.

If and when Vick comes back, I will for him, unless of course he plays for the Steelers.