Vital Signs Improve: But Slighty: Ravens Still Look Terminal

November 10, 2013 | Marty Mossa

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Ravens won the game today. The bad news is they looked horrible in doing so. The Ravens took a 17-0 lead in the locker room at halftime only to watch it slip away on a Hail Mary pass that was deflected in the arms of AJ Green with no time remaining.

Had the Ravens not been blanked in the second half and won the game convincingly; perhaps I’d be more optimistic about the Ravens postseason prospects. I’m afraid 200 yards of offense (Flacco 20/36 140 yards/Rice 30 & Pierce 31 yards) just won’t cut it for an NFL playoff run. With the Bears & Jets on the horizon (both 5-4) I just don’t feel confident. The Ravens have yet to win at Soldier’s Field (0-2).

The Ravens are now 1 1/2 games behind the Bengals for the AFC North Division lead. IF the Ravens win out, they take the division and will play in the postseason for the 6th consecutive year and 10th time in 18 seasons. IF IF IF!!!!.

IF the secret service had done a better job in Dallas on November 22, 1963, there wouldn’t be any JFK specials on this month. IF the media did there job and vetted Obama, he wouldn’t be president. IF Clinton would have taken out Bin Laden in 2000, 9-11 wouldn’t have happened. IF IF IF!!!!!

Of course I don’t expect the Ravens to win out. I think the Harbaugh/Flacco/Rice playoff streak will end this year. Any combination of a Bengal’s win and Ravens lose will pretty much end any hope of a post season run.

The Bengals play the Browns next week. A Bengals loss combined with a Raven’s will would make it interesting.

But the Ravens looked inept today at home. I don’t expect any inspired play next week in the windy city.

So yes folks, the patient’s vital signs have slightly improved, but really folks, don’t expect the patient to recover.