Wake Forest football coach Jim Grobe hoping RB Josh Harris spearheads Demon Deacon’s confidence boost with win over Maryland

October 29, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Grobe-like any coach in the NCAA-has always been at his best when he has an experienced team under his belt as opposed to when he is forced to play younger players before they are ready to hit the gridiron, and unfortunately right now, Grobe hasn’t had the benefit of quality upperclassmen worthy of starting on his team.

“Our best football teams have been when we’ve played more veterans guys,” Grobe replied. “That’s always been our goal.”

“We know down the road that we’re going to be better, but let’s try to be better right now and not wait until next year.”

Wake may actually be in very good position to scare the Terps on Saturday. Having had a bye last week despite their 52-21 loss to Virginia Tech, Grobe said they used the time off to rest up and attempted to rid themselves of mistakes that younger players tend to make.

In the last four years, Wake has won each of its games following their bye. Last season, the Deacons defeated the Duke Blue Devils by a score of 45-34 following their week off.

However, Maryland is one team that Wake has struggled to defeat, especially under Grobe’s tutelage. In the last 10 years, Wake is 3-7 against the Terps, while Grobe is 4-6 in his career against the University of Maryland.

In Wake’s last trip to College Park in 2008, Wake was shut out 26-0.  Maryland is also 3-0 at home this season.

And on top of a being entrenched in a five-game losing streak, the Demon Deacons are hoping to avoid Maryland continuing to hit them while they’re down. It’s all on the Wake players to get some confidence back on their belt with a win over a 5-2 Terps squad.

“We have not had any issues with our football team as far as attitude, work ethic,” Grobe sighed, “you know, those types of things that you sometimes can have when you go on a five-game losing streak. I do think we have a confidence issue, and there’s no way around that. The only way you gain confidence is to have success.”