Was Flacco Pick Whacko?

April 27, 2008 |

“McNair’s retirement does not affect our draft strategy in any way.”  Or, at least, Ozzie Newsome said something to that effect.

Hmm…. Really?

Then how the hell did they go from making an incredibly smart move by trading down and grabbing two 3rd rounders and a 4th rounder from the Jags to moving up and giving back one of the 3rd rounders and a 6th rounder just so they can grab a guy ranked no higher than Brian Brohm and Chad Henne by every source including my 6 year old nephew?

Someone hit the panic button, folks.

Or I’m completely wrong…

Obviously, I have no idea why the Ravens made the move but we’ll find out soon enough, right?


Because no matter what “spin” is officially put on the ’08 draft, it’ll be well orchestrated and rehearsed.

I’m sure we’ll be told the Ravens got EXACTLY the guy they wanted in each round.

I’m sure we’ll hear that everything went as smooth as these things can and that, at no time, did anyone in the “war room” stand up and scream “Flacco at 18?  Are you HIGH?”

Look, maybe someday Joe Flacco will be a great NFL quarterback.   His numbers at Delaware were incredibly impressive.  Well, except for those 25 sacks in ’07.  I mean, let’s face it, the Ravens offensive line isn’t going to be confused wth the Patriots anytime soon and I just hope Flacco’s not one of those guys that drops easily. 

As for his arm, I looked through some projections and read things like “strongest arm in the draft.”   Ever heard that one before?

It’s now a three QB battle between Boller, Troy Smith and Joe Flacco.  Again, we’re not talking Montana vs. Young, are we?

Flacco will be a work in progress for sometime and I’m left wondering if the team wouldn’t have been better served by waiting until the second round and grabbing Henne or Brohm.  

And I’m curious to know (although I never will) who made the ultimate decision on Flacco.   If you watched the ESPN coverage yesterday then early on you heard something rather telling.

Chris Mortensen reported that “Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti really wants Matt Ryan.”   Of course that didn’t happen but, still, I didn’t like the sound of that.  Did Bisciotti also REALLY like Joe Flacco?  Or were the Ravens just so desperate to find a guy that they jumped the gun, reacted to a rumor and gave up some of the extra picks they obtained to take a kid who’ll just be Kyle Boller all over again?