We Are Ready For Some Football

May 17, 2011 |

As I sit looking at a story about Torrey Smith on BaltimoreSun.com, my thoughts return to a question regarding the NFL lockout that I imagine has crossed every fan’s mind at one point:

“What the hell are these guys thinking?”

The NFL has been as perfect as you can get if you wanted to create a sports league. But it seems to me that Roger Goddell is hellbent on destroying it.

I agree with Derek Mason’s statement. Goddell is a “joke.”

But I’d like to take that a step further. He seems to me the prototypical idiot that believes that you can always “take things to the next level.” It simply isn’t true. In fact, it is the main reason that great things begin to die out. When you have a good thing, you should hold onto it. But, to put it metaphorically, Goddell insists that his “supermodel wife” needs a nip and a tuck.

I’m not surprised. But this is a lesson we can all learn, that there are limits to greatness, and that often the proper way to complete something great is to maintain it and keep it alive and kicking, not to keep overhauling it.

The same principle applies in the stock market, for instance. Or so I’ve heard. Emotion drives the market. The steady hand rules the day. Those who act irrationally, out of fear or exuberance, and ignore the facts, wind up paying the price.

I see that in Goddell. To me he seems to be leading the NFL to some imagined promised land, wherein he’s actually leading it off of a ledge at the top of the mountain of success it has built for itself.