We can only hope the O’s want to win as much as the Yankees do

November 05, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s easy to watch this coverage of the Yankees post-game celebration and be insanely jealous.

I am, admittedly.

But I’m not going to hate on the Yankees tonight.

They wanted to win this year.  Period.  

The O’s made the playoffs in ’96 and ’97.  They haven’t been heard from since.

The Yankees missed the playoffs last season after 13 straight years of playing “fall ball” and they simply wouldn’t tolerate that kind of mediocrity.

And tonight they won the World Series.

I’m jealous.  But I won’t hate on them.

Rather, I’ll once again ask the Orioles to take a long, hard look at how the Yankees do business and ask our team in Baltimore to have the same dedication to excellence that they have in New York.

The Yankees philosophy can be summed up in these two words:  Just win.

The Orioles philosophy can be summed up in these two words:  Make money.

The team dedicated to winning is hopping around on the field right now with the trophy in their hands.

The team dedicated to making money is sitting in front of the TV like you and I getting ready to go to bed.

Let’s hope when the O’s brass wakes up tomorrow morning they make a decision to make winning their #1 priority.