We really find out who the O’s are in September…

August 11, 2010 |

Listen, I am as happy as the next Orioles’ fan that the O’s are racking up with wins. Come from behind wins, solid starting pitching and better defensive play…Heck we even have a lineup that doesn’t change from game to game. But let’s come out of the clouds for a second and realize the O’s have hit a stretch of easily winnable games against some struggling teams. Did the people of Baltimore expect the Orioles wouldn’t win more than 40 games this season?? They were due to win at least 10 -15 more…No one in MLB history has been that bad…

                The Angels are a mess, the White Sox were due for a letdown after their red hot start since the All Star Break. The Indians roster is made up of a bunch of no names, much like the Orioles…However, in a couple years…Everyone will know who Laporta, Donald, Valbuena and Brantley are. For now, they are a new team figuring it out..Much like the Orioles is, but probably a year behind. After Cleveland, The Orioles travel to Tampa…who are also on their one mini skid as of late. Tampa is a better team and will probably right their ship against the O’s by winning 2 out of 3. Then a nice home stretch begins for the O’s…The last place Mariners come to town who also have a new manager. The O’s should get a couple wins from Seattle and then the Rangers come to town. The Rangers are playing a lot better than the Rangers the O’s swept before the break. In a 4 game series..The O’s will be lucky to split, but with this team a split with The Rangers is a huge victory. Then the rest of the month ends with a trip to Chicago and LA. The White sox are in a pennant race and will not allow the blunders of their past series with the Orioles to beat them again. The Angels series should allow the O’s to pick up a couple more wins as well before September begins and then we really find out what kind of team the Orioles are and what kind of manager Buck will be.

                Coming out of August the Orioles should get 10 more wins starting tonight. That would leave the O’s with a winning record overall in August. The entire month of September the O’s will face the AL East and the Tigers. After a soft August, the O’s and Buck will be put to their first real test in the Buck Showalter era. The gimmie errors and mediocre pitching that the O’s took advantage of in August will become few and far between in September.  The lineups will bolster household names, rather than young rookies getting their first major league at bats or starts. If the Orioles can play with the same intensity and focus that we have seen in August, then there is hope in bird land for next season. If certain Oriole Players continue to make base running blunders, blow leads and the timely hitting becomes non-existent…well you know what will happen. If I was a betting man, I would say the Orioles September looks much like their tenure under Trembley and Samuel…not very good.  This roster isn’t much different from game one, and Roberts and Pie were both in the lineup at the start of the season. The O’s are still a ways off from competing in the AL East. The bullpen is paper thin, no legitimate power bats, besides streaky Scott and lack of overall team speed/base running acumen on the bases. Funny, these have been the holes in the Orioles roster since they began losing 13 some odd years ago. It costs money and takes a certain amount of risk to get the superstar players that the Orioles so desperately need…Spending and risk hasn’t been in the O’s vocabulary very often. The tide could be turning with the signing of Showalter. Let’s hope for all of us in Bird land, that The Spending and Risk get picked up in the 2011 version of Angelo’s Dictionary.

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