Wednesday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

February 25, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

Welcome back Tiger!  Today at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship the most famous and successful athlete in the world makes his triumphant return… Ladies and gentlemen, the great Tiger Woods will be back on the golf course!  All players are ranked 1-64 and the tournament plays out like the NCAA Big Dance, and in this match up, well, as you may have guessed, the top ranked player in the world will be taking on the tournament’s #64 seed, in this case, Brendan Jones.  Tiger says he feels better than ever, if that’s true… that’s super-awful bad news for Mr. Jones.   How do you think Brendan felt when he first saw that draw?  I’ll bet his face looked pretty funny.

Ladies Hockey Night in D.C.  The Washington Capitals are doing their best job marketing towards women with their new “Capitals Scarlet” advertising campaign.  Seems smart to me, put a bunch of chicks in the crowd… that would lead me to believe that, naturally, guys would then be even more enticed to come to games.  More ladies, more guys, obviously more attendance, truly seems beneficial for everyone… yeah, you know Alex likes it too.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Ravens Insider explains what the potential re-signing of Bart Scott means for Ray Lewis.

Pro Football Talk: Is Ray “Burning Bridges in Baltimore?” “Fins to chase Jason Brown?” “Agent thinks Jason Brown or Bart Scott will leave the Ravens.”

The Schmuck Stops Here has the latest from Spring Training, the upcoming rotation, and the now necessary daily report on Matt Wieters.

Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar asks “Which Oriole will hurt his status with a poor spring?”

Tracking the Terps says rebounding will be crucial against Duke, and has some quotes from Gary and Greivis.

Face Off has the latest on this coming weekend’s Face-Off Classic and UMBC midfielder Peet Poillon, who was named this week’s America East Conference Player of the Week.

The Washington Post’s Baseball Insider gives a WBC Team that would be unbeatable.

CMS Video of the Day

Everyone always says Duke gets all the calls at home in Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Well, it’s tough to argue otherwise when Duke guard Elliot Williams TAKES 12 STEPS WITHOUT A TRAVELING VIOLATION BEING CALLED!

Also, yesterday the CMS Staff gave you the video of Devin Harris’ half court buzzer-beater.  Well, that was awesome, aaaand in a game, which is nice.

I guess Dwight Howard and Lebron James just wanted to show off a little before the game.

The Morning’s Final Thought

Serbian-born Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric could potentially be having the best year in the NBA by virtue of a single outstanding performance.  As a point guard, he averages a meager 2 ppg and 1 apg, but off the court yesterday Marko made the biggest play of his otherwise irrelevant season.  He proposed to long-time girlfriend Adriana Lima and is now engaged… jeez.  That’s awesome, I’m pretty sure every post-pubescent guy grows up wishing he could marry a Victoria’s Secret model.  Marko is just livin’ the dream.