Wednesday word association…

January 09, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Here’s some one-line, word association to get you over “the hump” on this Wednesday.

> Erik Bedard:  Wants out but staying here.

> Tom Brady: No one should be that good.

> Kansas Jayhawks: Will win it all.

> LSU Tigers:  Might have lost to USC.

> Roger Clemens:  Only hurting yourself more.

> Ray Lewis:  Divide and conquer.

> Bert Blyleven:  What a shame.

Eli Manning:  One win away from arriving.

> Brian Schottenheimer:  Am I missing something?

> Dave Trembley:  Hope your deal is guaranteed.

> Aaron Baddeley:  Wins this week in Hawaii.

> Wizards and Caps:  Playoff sniffers.

> Brian Billick:  Might just get the last laugh.

> Seattle Seahawks:  Can’t win in Green Bay.

> Brian Roberts:  Would give up his ’08 salary to be traded.

> James Gist:  Might make or break Maryland.

> Bart Scott:  Send your refund check to 1 Winning Drive.

> Atlanta Falcons:  Will probably hire the wrong guy.

> Detroit Tigers:  Destined for October fun?

> UMBC: Best of the Beltway teams.

> Jim Schwartz:  Why no interview yet?

> Upset winner:  New York Giants.

> Opening day match-up:  Bedard vs. Kazmir

> 25 to 1:  Odds that I get media credentials from the O’s.