Wednesday’s Afternoon Drive w/ Rex Snider

November 24, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Here is the lineup for “The Afternoon Drive” with Rex Snider:

Luke Jones joins Rex in studio! He’ll tell us what he’s thankful for. Hopefully it involves getting away from the future Steelers fans up in Pennsylvania:

Pittsburgh Steelers

These three seem to be okay though.


2:10-Clifton Brown, Sporting News.

We’ll talk some NFL football with Clifton. Three big games on the slate tomorrow on Turkey Day.

The best one of the day? The World Champs in the New Orleans Saints versus a 3-win team in the Dallas Cowboys. John Harbaugh would call them “a damn good football team.”

Dallas Cowboys

3:10 Barry Barnes, AOL Fanhouse

Barry steps in for his weekly chat with Rex. The Buccaneers game was moved to 4:15 on Sunday, which means the NFL is throwing some respect toward the Bucs and the Ravens. Rex will also ask Barry where us here in Baltimore can send our contributions toward Richard Seymour’s fine for knocking the lights out of Ben Roethlisberger.

3:50 Kazy Brown, Ravens Fan Club-Los Angeles Chapter called “The West Wing”

Yes, there are Ravens fans in California. My uncle is actually one of them. We’ll talk with Kazy-who also has a hand in Warner Bros’ record business-about the Ravens and more.

4:30 Steve Gould, Baltimore Sun

Yes, the Orioles missed out on Victor Martinez yesterday by two million dollars to the Detroit Tigers(sure…). They then tried to keep us content by hiring Willie Randolph as bench coach. We’ll talk with Steve to see what direction the Orioles might go in free agency. It could be a short talk…

Willie Randolph

5:00 Ravens report with Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark checks in for the final Ravens report of the day and the last before Thanksgiving.

5:30-Mike Easterling, Huntsville Times(Alabama)

We got to see Philip Rivers’ brother, Stephen, and his highlight reel Monday night between the Chargers and the Broncos. Stephen recently committed to LSU, and he could be just as good as his brother-maybe better. Mike Easterling has seen him personally. We’ll see how good he really is-and Mike as well.

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