Wednesday’s CMS Top 5: What’s your favorite trophy in sports?

February 18, 2009 |

The Comcast Morning Show has revealed a new Wednesday segment known as, ‘Wednesday Morning’s Top 5.’  Each hump-day CMS host Drew Forrester and CMS Producer Glenn Clark will each come up with their answers and they’ll compare and contrast them on-air, while the CMS Staff compiles the lists and puts them in a tidy blog for all to see.

The topic for the lists this morning was, “What are your favorite trophies in sports?”

And these are the results…


5.  The ADT National Championship Trophy:  Awarded to the winner of the BCS College Football National Championship Game

4.  The NBA Most Valuable Player Award:  Awarded to the most valuable player of the NBA regular season.

3.  The Grey Cup:  Awarded to the champion of the Canadian Football League.

2. The Stanley Cup:  Awarded to the champion of the NHL’ Stanley Cup Playoffs.

1.   The Heisman Trophy:  Awarded to college football’s most outstanding player.

Drew on the other hand went in a different direction:

5.  Brian Roberts’ Trophy: wife, Diana Chafair.

4.  Jeff Gordon’s Trohpy: wife, Ingrid Vandebosch.

3.  Tiger Woods’ Trophy: wife, Elin Nordegren.

2.  Tom Brady’s Trophy: fiancee, Gisele Bundchen.

1.  Johnny Damon’s Trophy: wife, Michelle Damon.