Week 1 Predictions

September 09, 2012 | Derek Halford

Sorry for not posting lately. Been busy with school and varsity football. But here’s my predictions for week 1 of the 2012 season!

Colts 16

Bears 23

Andrew Luck and the colts are rebuilding. Yes, Luck is already NFL ready, but he’s still a rookie. With the duo of Cutler and Marshall back together, I don’t think the Colts offense will be able to put up enough points.

Eagles 27

Browns 10

The Eagles are hungry for 2 reasons. One, they want to redeem themselves from last years dissapointing season. Two, Andy Reid’s son died about a month ago and they want to go out and win the super bowl not only for themselves, but for him too. The Browns have a rookie QB and RB. Plus, Trent Richardson is coming off another knee injury. Eagles win easy.

Rams 17

Lions 30

Sam Bradford and the Rams are going to have a bounce back season. But Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson have something special developing in Detroit. I have the Lions as big super bowl contenders this year.

Patriots 24

Titans 13

Tom Brady and the Pats are always Super bowl contenders year in and year out. With Jake Locker in his first full season as a starter and his best target, Kenny Britt, being suspended for week 1, the Titans have no chance today.

Falcons 17

Chiefs 33

Watch out! I got the Chiefs winning today. With Dwayne Bowe and the add of Steve Breaston, Matt Cassel should have a playday. Plus the Chiefs have a nice RB duo with Dexter McCluster and Jackie Battle. I think the chiefs are going to surprise a lot of people this season.

Jaguars 10

Vikings 13

This is going to be an ugly game. Both teams have star running backs but Jones-Drew just came back from his holdout and Peterson is just coming back from knee surgery. Both teams have 2nd year QBs who need to prove they can be the long term answer for their teams in Gabbert and Ponder.

Redskins 20

Saints 27

I’m excited to watch RGIII this year. I almost went with the ‘skins but being in New Orleans and RGIII being a rookie, the saints are just too much. Even with the crazy off season the Saints had.

Bills 6

Jets 7

I don’t know why, but i think this is going to be a long ugly game. But I think the Jets D will step up and Tim Tebow will score the lone TD of the game.

Dolphins 10

Texans 24

The Dolphins have a rookie QB and really no other weapon except  for Reggie Bush. Even with Arian Foster not being 100% and Matt Schaub coming back from injury, the Texans have this game.

49ers 35

Packers 33

Packers ended the season on a bad note. Unfortunately, I think they’re going to start this season off bad too. 49ers score game winning TD in a nice 2 minute drill drive by Alex Smith.

Seahawks 22

Cardinals 6

Umm is this even a question? I’ve liked Russel Wilson from the start. I was disappointed to see him drop in the draft as far as he did. Cardinals are going no where until they figure out this QB situation.

Panthers 37

Buccaneers 38

This is going to be a great game. 2 up and coming teams. Josh Freeman and the Bucs will have a bounce back year this year. With Mike Wallace, Arrelious Benn, and Vincent Jackson at WR and Dallas Clark at TE, he has a lot of targets. Plus with the addition of Doug Martin, they now have have a nice RB duo with him and Blount. Cam Newton and the Panthers are hungry to make a playoff push this year, but they are going to start the season 0-1.

Steelers 15

Broncos 24

Isaac Redman is the starting running back. That should tell you enough. Peyton Manning and the Broncos will be 1-0 to start off the season.

Bengals 24

Ravens 30

This is always a tough matchup. 2 divisional foes, 2 playoff teams, but only one will come out on top monday night. Baltimore is always one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and with the hype of it being monday night, the clock running out for a super bowl for Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, and the pregame for Michael Phelps and Art Modell. I think the Ravens will come out on top.

Chargers 27

Raiders 16

With the additions of Robert Meachem, Ronnie Brown, Leron McClain, and Jarret Johnson, the Chargers should be back in the playoffs this year. Carson Palmer needs to show me something, but in his defense, he doesn’t have much to work with.