Week 10 Predictions

November 11, 2012 | Derek Halford

Raiders 14

Ravens 27

Carson Palmer had a real good game last week so this Ravens secondary have to be on their toes. As long as the ravens offense run the ball then they’ll get the win.

Giants 31

Bengals 20

The Bengals are having a bad year. Giants have too many weapons! That defense will cause turnovers and the offense will score off of all those turnovers.

Titans 17

Dolphins 24

I really like this Dolphins team. They can be a dark horse in the playoffs if they get in. Reggie Bush will carry the team to victory today.

Lions 33

Vikings 23

The Vikings have been slipping a little. Look for Calvin Johnson to break out today!

Bills 13

Patriots 29

Tom Brady and that offense is too much. Look for them to go on a run the next few weeks.

Falcons 33

Saints 31

Wouldn’t it be great for the Saints to get the upset? It will be close but the Falcons will get out of there still undefeated.

Chargers 29

Buccaneers 35

I love this match up. Two 4-4 teams who have the talent to get to the playoffs. I’m picking the Bucs in this one. I just don’t think the Chargers will have enough.

Broncos 30

Panthers 33

UPSET ALERT!!! The Panthers have stepped up there game the past 2 weeks. There going to get the upset at home today.

Jets 13

Seahawks 24

The Seahawks are at home so they are going to win, especially against a team like the Jets. These Seahawks have the talent and the heart to make a run in the playoffs. Just watch.

Cowboys 23

Eagles 24

Toss up game. Two 3-5 teams that were expected to be big playoff teams.

Rams 20

49ers 32

The Rams have some talent but the 49ers are too good. My NFC super bowl pick will be 7-2 after today.

Texans 16

Bears 17

This game all depends on how Jay Cutler plays. If he plays at a pro bowl level like he’s capable of, then the Bears will get the win. But if he plays like a backup then, well this will be a long game.

Chiefs 17

Steelers 27

Well as i still think the chiefs have the playoff talent, they just can’t put it out on the field. Steelers win.