Week 13 NFL Predictions

December 02, 2012 | Derek Halford

Sorry for not posting the last 2 weeks, I’ve been having computer problems. But here’s my predictions for week 13!

Steelers 10

Ravens 20

The Ravens had a tough game at the steelers, then had to travel all the way across the country for a tough game vs the chargers and now all the way back across the country for another tough steelers game. If Leftwich or Roethlisburger were playing then the steelers would win but with Batch starting and it being at M&T, the ravens will get the win and clinch the AFC North.

Jaguars 24

Bills 23

Chad Henne has taken control of this Jags offense and has led them through 2 very good games. Look for them to win 2 straight today for the first time since 2010.

Seahawks 25

Bears 22

This one is a toss up. The Seahawks are 1-5 on the road but they need to get this win. The bears offensive line is not in for a good day as they’re facing 1 of the best pass rushes in the NFL. I look for the Seahawks to get the job done today and move to 7-5 and a step closer to the playoffs.

Colts 23

Lions 31

The Lions have had a tough season. They’ve had a lot of close losses this year which has put them in a tight spot. If they want to have a chance of getting back to the playoffs then they need to start with getting a win here today.

Vikings 27

Packers 33

The Vikings are having a pretty good season and still have a good shot to make the playoffs. But they’re going to fall behind just a little today because they’re playing a Packers team that is too strong right now.

Texans 32

Titans 17

My super bowl pick is still looking strong. They’ll be 11-1 after today.

Panthers 22

Chiefs 10

The Panthers have had a disappointing year. But they can still fix that and finish .500.

49ers 29

Rams 20

The Rams have been a tough team to beat all year. Colin Kaepernick has come out and proven that he can do the job in the NFL. No tie this time, 49ers make sure they take this one.

Patriots 24

Dolphins 27

UPSET ALERT ! Reggie Bush is going to have a field day today and the Dolphins are going to make a late playoff surge. They will be back to.500 at 6-6 today.

Cardinals 12

Jets 19

The Jets will get a win today but I just don’t see them having enough to make the playoffs. For the Cardinals, well this is 8 straight losses after a 4-0 start.

Buccaneers 34

Broncos 31

The Bucs are my dark horse for the playoffs this year. They have what it takes to make it to the super bowl! They’re going to show that today.

Browns 17

Raiders 13

The Browns have shown some promise for the future this year. They’ll move onto 4-8 after today.

Bengals 19

Chargers 20

The Chargers aren’t going to let 2 teams come all the way from the east coast and not at least take one of them. They couldn’t get the Ravens last week, but they’ll get the Bengals this week.

Eagles 18

Cowboys 27

The NFC East is up for grabs still so the Cowboys need to step up and get this win today to stay close in the race and get to 6-6.

Giants 30

Redskins 31

The Redskins are going to make this NFC East race interesting and get the win to move within 1 game of first place.