Week 13 NFL Predictions

December 04, 2011 | Derek Halford

Sorry that I havn’t posted my predictions for a month now. I just found out that my posts weren’t posting for some reason. But I figured out what was wrong so here are my Week 13 predictions.

Titans 23

Bills 13

Bills are done with all there injuries. Titans need this to try to stay in the playoff hunt!

Chiefs 17

Bears 24

If Kyle Orton plays, I think the Chiefs can win this game but if Palko starts then I don’t see the Chiefs being able to get enough points on the board.

Raiders 30

Dolphins 22

The Raiders have been playing very well now that Carson Palmer has settled in.

Broncos 25

Vikings 22

The Tebow Way keeps on working as the Broncos will pull out another one to get to 7-5.

Colts 3

Patriots 45

Ugly, Ugly game!

Bengals 17

Steelers 16

I think the Bengals pull it out and get one step closer to making the playoffs.

Panthers 22

Buccaneers 17

The Bucs have had a disappointing year. Panthers take this one to try to get out of the basement of the division.

Jets 25

Redskins 13

The Jets have been another disappointing team. I think they will miss the playoffs this year after 2 straight years going to the AFC Championship.

Falcons 27

Texans 23

Very sad for the Texans. They finally get a promising season going and Matt Schaub goes down and they might miss the playoffs again.

Ravens 27

Browns 13

Ravens are looking to go undefeated in there division and hopefully get the 1 seed in the playoffs.

Packers 33

Giants 19

Nothing to say but the Packers will be 12-0 after today.

Cowboys 23

Cardinals 17

Cowboys get the W and should be back in the playoffs.

Rams 10

49ers 27

The 49ers bounce back and get to 10-2.

Lions 25

Saints 31

Without Suh, I don’t think the Lions can win unless Stafford has a field day.

Chargers 27

Jaguars 20

Chargers get the win but it’s a little to late for Norv Turner.