Week 17 NFL Predictions

December 30, 2012 | Derek Halford

The 2012 regular season is coming to an end. It’s been a great season filled with some surprises and some disappointments.

Ravens 23

Bengals 24

The Ravens have been very inconsistent. You don’t know which team will show up. The Ravens are a little banged up and I think they’re satisfied with already having the division secured. With all of that and the Bengals being at home, Bengals pull it out.

Buccaneers 27

Falcons 37

The Bucs were a disappointment this year. They shouldv’e easily been a playoff team. The Falcons are at home and we all know they are a very strong home team. They get the win.

Jets 10

Bills 17

I think people are being a little hard on Rex Ryan. The Jets offensively had a banged up line, had no WR’s, terrible QB’s, and a running back who isn’t an elite back. Defensively, he has a bunch of nobody’s. There secondary is mediocre at best, which they’ve been without Darrele Revis all year. Give that team to a lot of coaches and I guarantee the team does just as bad or even worse. But
I do think he is making a mistake to in starting Sanchez instead of Tebow. I think its because he knows if Tebow does great and they get a huge blowout win, then he will be hearing a lot of harsh questions of why he didn’t put Tebow in earlier.

Bears 20

Lions 27

I think Calvin Johnson is going to have a huge game and get to 2,000 receiving yards this season. The Lions were another disappointing team this year. But they’re going to finish strong with a great win today. For the Bears, they started off great, like a powerful engined train. But then the train fell off the track.. rolled down a hill.. hit a tree.. and blew up. Sad story, I know.

Jaguars 10

Titans 22

Well, no one really cares about this game. But Jaguar fans, get ready for next year because it’s going to be Tebow Time! If Tebow does end up with the Jags, I guarantee they make the playoffs, as long as Maurice Jones Drew comes back and is healthy.

Texans 27

Colts 28

The Texans have never won on the road at the Colts. And I think that is going to continue today. The playoff seeding is going to get interesting.

Panthers 23

Saints 31

Another 2 disppointing teams. After today, the Saints are going to somehow say they finished .500. They’ll be back to the playoffs next year with Sean Payton coming back. For the Panthers, hopefully Cam Newton can get them to the playoffs next year. The NFC South is definitely the best division in football.

Eagles 13

Giants 16

The Giants have had 2  very bad games the last 2 weeks which might cost them the playoffs. They can still make it if they win and the Cowboys, Vikings, and Bears lose. The Eagles had another disappointing season and looks like this will be the last game we see Michael Vick and Andy Reid in Philly.

Browns 12

Steelers 19

The Steelers are missing the playoffs for the first time since 2009. But they can still finish 8-8. The Browns are firing there GM and head coach after today. Bringing in new faces.

Chiefs 6

Broncos 33

Chiefs.. Broncos.. Enough said. Broncos win easy.

Packers 31

Vikings 33

I think Adrian Peterson is going to have a monster game and break the record! This will open up play action for Christian Ponder. The Vikings will get the win and punch their ticket to the playoffs.

Dolphins 30

Patriots 29

UPSET ALERT! Here is my upset of the day. Reggie Bush will have a monster game and cap off another 1000 yard season. Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins will finish up the season 8-8 and show great promise for next season.

Raiders 19

Chargers 27

Terrel Pryor is getting his first NFL start today so shout out to him. I don’t think he’ll do that bad. The Chargers will get the win though and finish out a disappointing season at 7-9. I don’t see them bringing back Norv Turner and I think Philip Rivers will have 1 more chance next year until he gets the boot too.

Cardinals 6

49ers 34

The 49ers win the NFC West. I feel like the Seahawks are more deserving though.

Rams 13

Seahawks 39

The Seahawks have been on fire lately and they can’t be beat at home. Russel Wilson will break the record for most pass TD’s in a season by a rookie. Watch out for this team in the playoffs, they will be a tough out!

Cowboys 27

Redskins 31

The Redskins will win the division. The Redskins are home and the Cowboys can never win when they have a chance to go to the playoffs. One of the most overrated teams the past few seasons.