Week 1NFL Predictions – Sunday

September 11, 2011 | Derek Halford


Falcons 35

Bears 24

This will be an offensive game and the Falcons are simply much better on offense.

Bengals 6

Browns 20

Bengals are starting a new era. The Browns are an up and coming team with Colt McCoy leading the way.

Bills 10

Chiefs 21

I have no idea where the Bills are headed right now. Chiefs will have a similar year as last year but im not sure if they’ll make the playoffs again.

Eagles 31

Rams 27

Both have very good offenses but the Eagles have experience. The Rams are going to be a good team in the next few years with Sam Bradford leading them.

Lions 35

Buccaneers 28

Both very young talented teams but with the Lions having Matt Stafford fully healthy they will win and I can see them possibly making the playoffs with a wild card spot. The Buccaneers will be in the hunt once again but are in a crowded division with the Falcons and Saints.

Titans 15

Jaguars 10

It seems as the Jags are ready to start over as they released David Garrard. Titans could win the division depending on how long Peyton Manning is out for the Colts.

Steelers 20

Ravens 23

This is gonna be a long hard hitting game as usual. I think this is the year for the Ravens to get over the Steelers hump and get to the Super Bowl.

Colts 17

Texans 24

Colts will not win many games without Peyton Manning. Arian Foster is also out for the Texans but he is not as important to the Texans as Manning is to the Colts.

Panthers 6

Cardinals 20

Panthers are going to have another long season. Kevin Kolb might be the answer for the Cardinals to get back to the playoffs.

Vikings 14

Chargers 27

I think McNabb’s career is running short and i don’t know how much he has left in the tank. Chargers have always been a high scoring team. Look for them to get back to the playoffs this year.

Seahawks 10

49ers 15

Seahawks are starting a new era as Matt Hasselbeck went to the Titans. 49ers are going to give Alex Smith probably his last shot to be there starting QB.

Giants 24

Redskins 13

Giants always start off the season with a bang. Redskins still have a mystery at QB in my opinion which is bad in a QB league now.

Cowboys 17

Jets 24

With this being Tony Romo’s first game back from injury and it being against the Jets, I don’t see this being much of a game.