Week 2 NFL Predictions

September 18, 2011 | Derek Halford

Raiders 20

Bills 35

Bills surprised me big time last week vs. the Chiefs. I think they win again to start the season 2-0.

Chiefs 10

Lions 24

With Matthew Stafford healthy, this is a very good Lions team. They win easily today to start 2-0.

Ravens 33

Titans 7

Ravens played the best game i’ve ever seen them play. Titans lost a close one last week but this one won’t be close. Ravens win easy to start the season 2-0.

Browns 17

Colts 7

Both these teams lost week 1. With Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis, I think the Browns will beat on a Manning-less Colts team.

Buccaneers 28

Vikings 13

Buccaneers looked really good last week in a close loss. McNabb is just not himself anymore. The Bucs get to 1-1 as the Vikings fall to 0-2.

Bears 38

Saints 35

Bears surprised me the most last week. If they can play as good as they did last week then i think they can sneek out a win to start 2-0 and have the Saints start 0-2.

Jaguars 17

Jets 24

Mark Sanchez looked like a Pro-Bowl QB last week. Even though the Jets almost lost last week, I think that they will hold the lead the entire game today.

Seahawks 10

Steelers 13

Both teams looked bad last week. I don’t know what this season has for the Steelers but I think they pull out the win to get to 1-1.

Cardinals 24

Redskins 27

This will be another close game. Redskins played great last week and if they keep it up, they will start 2-0.

Packers 35

Panthers 20

The Suber Bowl Champs vs. the worst team in the league. Packers win easy.

Cowboys 21

49ers 17

Cowboys lost a game that was there’s. They bounce back and get the win to get to 1-1.

Bengals 17

Broncos 14

Bengals looked better than I thought last week. If the Broncos don’t put in Tebow, then they will lose again.

Texans 24

Dolphins 27

Dolphins looked pretty good vs. the Pats last week. Yeah the Texans blew out the Colts, but Peyton wasn’t there. I’m not sure there that good. Dolphins squeak out a win.

Chargers 31

Patriots 34

I think Brady will have another big game as will Rivers but Brady will get the Pats a win.

Eagles 24

Falcons 14

I don’t know what the Falcons were doing last week but it was horrible. They get off to a bad 0-2 start as they will lose to the ‘dream team’.

Rams 20

Giants 17

Giants have to go out and prove there contending as they had a bad loss to the Redskins last week. The Rams are going to try to get to the Playoffs year. This will be a very good game.