Week 2 Predictions

September 16, 2012 | Derek Halford

Ravens 37

Eagles 22

Vick threw 4 interceptions vs the Browns. The Browns !! Ravens defense is going to get a lot of turnovers today.

Chiefs 24

Bills 15

The bills gave up 48 points to the Jets and we all know the Jets do not have a good offense. With the Chiefs getting Brandon Flowers back, they’ll bounce back this week with a win.

Browns 17

Bengals 20

The Browns surprised me with their game vs the Eagles. Although the Bengals are coming off a bad game, i’ll give them the edge since they are the home team today.

Vikings 13

Colts 17

Look for Andrew Luck to get his first pro win today. Adrian Peterson will have another good game but it won’t be enough today.

Raiders 16

Dolphins 23

This will be an ugly game. But look for Tannehill and Bush to step up for the Dolphins to get the win today.

Cardinals 12

Patriots 43

Ugly Ugly Ugly. Tom Brady is going off today. Kevin Kolb will have a few good drives but all will lead to field goals.

Buccaneers 31

Giants 27

The Bucs are going to be a surprise team this year. I can see them being a wild card team that could make a run to the super bowl. Close game but with Amukamara out for the Giants, look for Josh Freeman to take advantage.

Saints 26

Panthers 32

Panthers are hungry to  bounce back from last weeks loss. Saints can’t function right without Sean Payton.

Texans 30

Jaguars 13

Arian Foster and Matt Schaub are going to move the ball up and down the field today. Blaine Gabbert can try but he’s not going to be able to put up many points against that Texan defense.

Redskins 35

Rams 24

The Rams surprised me of how good they did vs the Lions last week. But RGIII surprised me even more. The ‘Skins will start the season 2-0.

Cowboys 28

Seahawks 20

As much as i would love to see the seahawks win, the cowboys are going to win as long as they do what they did last week.

Jets 20

Steelers 24

The Jets are not putting up  48 points again, especially against the steelers.

Titans 17

Chargers 33

The Bolts are starting off the season with 2 easy wins. Nice momentum.

Lions 34

49ers 37

I love this game. Matthew Stafford is going to step it up this week but i’m taking the 49ers with the win on a game winning field goal at home.

Broncos 33

Falcons 27

Peyton Manning is going to excite the Bronco fan base by starting the season 2-0. Matt Ryan won’t have enough to match today.