Week 3 Predictions

September 23, 2012 | Derek Halford

Rams 27

Bears 20

The Rams have looked good in both their games this year. The bears are coming off a bad game. Sam Bradford is going to take control out their, complete a lot of passes, and win this game in chicago.

Bills 13

Browns 17

Although the browns are 0-2, they haven’t played terribly. Look for Trent Richardson to take over today and help give the browns their first win of the year.

Buccaneers 24

Cowboys 23

There is 2 questions in this game. One, which cowboys team will show up? Two, can the Bucs play all 4 quarters. The Cowboys played great week 1 and beat the defending super bowl champs but then lost vs the seahawks. The Bucs were beating the Giants all game last week and then lost it at the end.

Lions 33

Titans 15

The Titans are -45 in points differential after the first 2 weeks. Matthew Stafford has only 2 td’s and 4 interceptions! Look for Stafford to come out today and go off!

Jaguars 17

Colts 22

Andrew Luck starting the season 2-1? I think yes. The Jags have no offense whatsoever. They only had 117 total yards last week.

Jets 23

Dolphins 19

Reggie Bush has revived his career with the dolphins but the problem is, is he is the only guy the jets have to worry about. Jets defense will take advantage.

49ers 37

Vikings 10

No question here. Big blow out by the super bowl contenders.

Chiefs 28

Saints 27

Battle of the 0-2’s. The Saints are having so many problems without Sean Payton. I’ve picked the Chiefs to win in the first 2 weeks and they lost. I’m going to go with them again today.

Bengals 20

Redskins 29

RGIII is going to keep doing what he’s done the past 2 weeks and will bounce back from last week to get to 2-1.

Eagles 25

Cardinals 16

The Eagles won their first 2 games by 1 point. But there is no way the Cardinals are going to beat the Patriots and Eagles 2 weeks in a row.

Falcons 30

Chargers 27

The Falcons are looking to strong right now. Chargers haven’t been doing bad either but Matt Ryan and that offense is going to be a little to much.

Texans 33

Broncos 28

The Texans are my super bowl team for the AFC this year. They’re going to prove it today by winning at the Broncos.

Steelers 27

Raiders 13

Looks like the Raiders are going to have a long season. They had 14 and 13 points in the first 2 games. No offense = no win.

Patriots 27

Ravens 37

Rematch of last years AFC championship game. The ravens are going to want this for several reasons. 1. They want revenge on last years game. 2. They can’t start the season 1-2. 3. This may decide home field for the playoffs. 4. Torrey Smith’s brother died in a motorcycle accident so they are going to want to win this for Smith’s family. And 5. It’s primetime in M&T Bank Stadium.

Packers 33

Seahawks 34

Call me crazy! But i’m taking a chance on this for a few reasons. 1. The Seahawks are coming off a great win vs the Cowboys. 2. I really like Russel Wilson. I followed him through college and i knew whatever team drafted him would have a steal. 3. Its in Seattle, the 12th man. A BIG upset on monday night. I love it.