Week 4 NFL Predictions

October 02, 2011 | Derek Halford

Panthers 17

Bears 23

Panthers have to much raw talent so they’ll lose with some stupid mistakes.

Bills 27

Bengals 20

No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. They move on to 4-0.

Titans 23

Browns 20

No Kenny Britt for the Titans but they still pull out a close one.

Lions 24

Cowboys 14

Lions keep on going strong and get to 4-0.

Vikings 17

Chiefs 7

Matchup of two 0-3 teams. Lets see how this one goes.

Redskins 21

Rams 18

Redskins keep on doing good like Rex Grossman said they would.

49ers 20

Eagles  14

The ‘Dream Team’ is 1-2 and Vick keeps getting hurt. I think this will be one of the biggest disappointing teams in history.

Saints 31

Jaguars 20

Saints roll to 3-1.

Steelers 15

Texans 18

Steelers barely beat a Manningless Colts team. That tells me they lose today.

Giants 27

Cardinals 20

Who would’ve thought that the Giants and Redskins would be the best in the NFC East.

Falcons 28

Seahawks 18

Even though the Falcons are playing bad, there talent will win this game.

Broncos 17

Packers 35

Packers looking to be back-to-back champs.

Patriots 38

Raiders  23

Patriots high scoring offense keeps on scoring.

Dolphins 13

Chargers 27

Dolphins are going no where this year point blank.

Jets 20

Ravens 27

You would think this would be a low scoring game. Nope these offenses are doing well this year.

Colts 10

Buccaneers 28

What a waste of a monday night game.