Week 4 Predictions

September 30, 2012 | Derek Halford

Panthers 23

Falcons 34

The Panthers are having a slow start this season. The Falcons are 3-0 and they never lose at home. Falcons win easy.

Patriots 36

Bills 24

The Pats have lost 2 straight. But with the Bills not having Fred Jackson or CJ Spiller, look for the Pats to bounce back and get the W this week.

Vikings 17

Lions 33

The Lions have had a slow start. But they will come back to last seasons form and take an easy win.

Chargers 29

Chiefs 30

I’ve picked the Chiefs every week so far and they’ve only won once. The Chiefs have the talent, they just need to put it out on the field all 4 quarters every game. Chiefs win on a 2 minute drill score.

Seahawks 27

Rams 22

I was probably the only won to pick Seattle to win last week and they did no matter whether it should’ve been called a TD or a INT, it goes down as a win for them. The Rams have been playing much better this season but have fell just short in 2 of their 3 games. Looks like they’re going to fall just short again today.

49ers 39

Jets 19

Umm.. the 49ers had a real bad game last week. With Darrelle Revis out and the Niners hungry, look for their offense to explode today.

Titans 17

Texans 34

The Titans had a real good game last week. But their no match for the Texans. Texans win big at home to start the season 4-0.

Raiders 13

Broncos 27

The Peyton Manning Era in Denver has started slow. They’re 1-2. But being at home and against the Raiders, i see them bouncing back to 2-2.

Dolphins 26

Cardinals 24

Well before week 1, I thought this was going to be a long season for the Cardinals, but they’re 3-0 with 2 convincing wins vs. the Patriots and Eagles! I want to pick the Dolphins for the upset but i just don’t know if they can pull it out. If you look at the stats, the 1 game the Dolphins won so far was when Reggie Bush ran for over 100 yards. The Cardinals are allowing 106 rushing ypg. Bush is going off today!

Bengals 27

Jaguars 13

I don’t think Blaine Gabbert will be consistent enough this season. Bengals get to 3-1.

Saints 20

Packers 32

Who would’ve thought the Saints would be 0-3 and the Packers be 1-2? Looks like Saint fans are going to have to wait til next year to see a winning team. The Pack win easy at home.

Redskins 20

Buccaneers 23

I love this match up. 2 very young talented teams who have showed their future in games but are only 1-2. Very tight game but the Skins have some injuries. The Bucs are at home and they have some talent that has some NFL experience. Bucs win.

Giants 30

Eagles 10

Some people might say this will be a good game, but to me its a no brainer. The Giants defense is going to come after Vick and he’s going to be throwing up interceptions like it’s christmas. Look for that Philly crowd to be booing early and often.

Bears 27

Cowboys 30

This is another great match up. Two 2-1 teams. Both have super bowl potential. But both lack consistency. Which teams will show up today? That’s the big question so its a toss up.