Week 5 Predictions

October 07, 2012 | Derek Halford

Ravens 31

Chiefs 16

The Ravens are playing very consistently. They need to pound Ray Rice behind Leach and then they can open up the field with the passing game.

Dolphins 17

Bengals 27

The Dolphins have some good talent, but they’re missing a few pieces. Bengals are looking strong on both sides the ball.

Packers 24

Colts 10

In 2-3 years, this will be a good game. Right now, the Colts are too young to compete with the Packers.

Browns 13

Giants 23

The Giants are not being consistent. But maybe playing the browns will help them get on a consistent path.

Eagles 24

Steelers 20

Vick  is finding a way to win close games. The Steelers have started off slow and they’re going to drop another one today.

Falcons 27

Redskins 30

UPSET ALERT! The Falcons had trouble defending Cam Newton so they’re going to have trouble defending RGIII. The ‘Skins are going to be putting points on the board today!

Seahawks 17

Panthers 23

I’m a big fan of the Seahawks but the Panthers have too much talent to start 1-4.

Bears 25

Jaguars 15

The Bears are one of the best in the NFC. But they need to get their offense consistent. Look for them to do that today against the Jaguars.

Titans 14

Vikings 19

What?! The Vikings starting 4-1?! Yes. I don’t know how there doing it but they should just keep on doing what there doing.

Broncos 27

Patriots 31

We haven’t seen this in a while. Manning vs. Brady. The Pats struggled 10 straight quarters until the last 2 quarters vs the bills. Being at home, I don’t see them losing, they’re back on track.

Bills 19

49ers 33

My super bowl choice for the NFC are slowly coming back on track after that disspointing win vs. the Vikings 2 weeks ago.

Chargers 32

Saints 37

The Saints are going to get there first win today! Sean Payton’s presence is going to be the difference.



My AFC pick for the super bowl are going to keep on chugging along. Onto 5-0!