Week 6 NFL Predictions

October 16, 2011 | Derek Halford

Panthers 33

Falcons 27

Yes, the Panthers are 1-4. Yes they are young. But they almost beat the Saints last week. The Falcons are still not playing well. Panthers get an upset at the Georgia Dome.

Colts 17

Bengals 24

Colts go to 0-6…Sad how 1 player can effect a team this much.

49ers 35

Lions 38

The 49ers killed the Bucs last week. I think the Lions fans and there mindset to stay undefeated will get them the win.

Rams 15

Packers 42

It seems as Sam Bradford is having a sophomore slump. This will be a long game as the super bowl champs stay undefeated.

Bills 30

Giants 23

Giants lost to the Seahawks at home! Bills are still playing strong and move on to 5-1.

Jaguars 10

Steelers 23

Blaine Gabbert’s head is going to be spinning after this game.

Eagles 20

Redskins 17

The Eagles have been a nightmare team not a dream team but if they want to make the playoffs, then it will have to start here.

Browns 17

Raiders 31

Browns have to travel all the way to California. No way there beating this Raiders team especially at Overstock.com Stadium.

Texans 20

Ravens 37

Ravens had a BYE week so a few of there injured players should be back. Look for the Ravens to explode on offense.

Cowboys 22

Patriots 30

Cowboys still can’t live up to there hype so until then they won’t beat the top tier teams.

Saints 35

Buccaneers 23

Usually I would pick this to be a close game and maybe even a Bucs upset but after the way they lost to the 49ers, I don’t know what Buccaneers team is going to show up.

Vikings 17

Bears 24

Vikings finally won! Do they win a second straight? No. The Bears have to win this one and there at home.

Dolphins 10

Jets 23

I would love to see the Jets lose but they won’t. Maybe this game will give them a boost for a mid-season run.