Week 7 NFL Predictions

October 23, 2011 | Derek Halford

Seahawks 17

Browns 20

Charlie Whitehurst is making his first start of the season. I think he will make one to many mistakes in this game.

Falcons 27

Lions 30

Lions get back on track after there first loss last week.

Texans 21

Titans 24

Division game. Titans seem to be having a good season while the Texans still can’t find out how to win consistently.

Broncos 23

Dolphins 10

Tim Tebow making his first start of the season and his college team being awarded. A lot of hype so no way Tebow loses this game, besides, there playing the Dolphins.

Chargers 25

Jets 17

Chargers have to much of a high powered offense.

Bears 17

Buccaneers 27

Here comes the Bucs making a mid-season run.

Redskins 17

Panthers 24

John Beck is making his first start in a long time. Cam Newton will take advantage and steal a much needed victory.

Chiefs 10

Raiders 14

Even with Kyle Boller starting the Raiders will still get the win.

Steelers 23

Cardinals 15

So how’s that Kevin Kolb thing working out for you Arizona?

Rams 13

Cowboys 27

Rams couldn’t win with Sam Bradford so they definitely aren’t winning with A.J. Feeley.

Packers 30

Vikings 10

Christian Ponder is making his first NFL career start vs. the defending super bowl champs and only undefeated team left. No chance.

Colts 13

Saints 33

What can I say? Colts suck!

Ravens 33

Jaguars 10

Another horrible monday night game.