Week 8 NFL Predictions

October 30, 2011 | Derek Halford

Colts 7

Titans 23

Titans have an easy day today. They can relax.

Saints 33

Rams 7

Saints get to play the worst 2 teams in the league in 2 straight games. (Last week Colts, this week Rams)

Dolphins 10

Giants 22

I think Tony Sparano will get fired after today or next week. Either way they still won’t have one win.

Vikings 13

Panthers 23

Battle of rookie QB’s today. I take Cam Newton because of his experience of a full season.

Cardinals 6

Ravens 35

The Ravens aren’t going to lose to 2 horrible teams in a row. There going to come out mad and take it out on the Cardinals.

Jaguars 10

Texans 17

The Jaguars got lucky last week but they aren’t getting lucky again this week.

Redskins 20

Bills 26

The John Beck experiment isn’t working out. The Redskins will end up putting Rex Grossman back in at some point during the game but it will be too late.

Lions 25

Broncos 15

I like Time Tebow but the Lions aren’t going to lose 3 straight.

Patriots 31

Steelers  24

Steelers take a loss and the Ravens take first place back in the AFC North.

Browns 17

49ers 34

49ers are doing great and Alex Smith has saved his job, at least for now, in his last chance which is this season.

Bengals 20

Seahawks 13

The Bengals forreal this season? Mid-way through this season they are.

Cowboys 20

Eagles 24

Eagles get a much needed win vs. a division opponent.

Chargers 28

Chiefs 17

Chiefs have a winning streak but it ends here vs. the Chargers.