Week 8 Predictions

October 28, 2012 | Derek Halford

Panthers 22

Bears 31

I really thought the Panthers were going to make a playoff push this year but i guess not. Dropping to 1-6 after today.

Chargers 27

Browns 17

Look for the Chargers to bounce back this week against the struggling browns.

Seahawks 31

Lions 22

The Lions are struggling this year. Russel Wilson is proving the haters wrong, with help of that vicious defense of course. Seahawks headed to 5-3.

Jaguars 13

Packers 33

The Pack are back! Offense is looking great. Easy win today.

Colts 23

Titans 24

Titans have 2 good wins in a row. Look for a 3rd straight this week.

Patriots 26

Rams 27

Taking a chance here and calling an upset today. The Rams record doesn’t reflect their play this year and the Pats have struggled. Look for Steven Jackson to tear it up today.

Dolphins 24

Jets 23

These teams are pretty even. The Dolpins shouldv’e won the first time. Look for Reggie Bush to lead the Dolphins to a victory today.

Falcons 27

Eagles 29

The Eagles never lose after a bye week. They need to start winning and an upset against the Falcons will start big momentum.

Redskins 30

Steelers 24

RGIII has found a way to carry this team even with all the injuries they’ve suffered. The Steelers are missing Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman.

Raiders 20

Chiefs 17

2 teams that i feel have the talent to be playoff contenders but just aren’t winning games. The chiefs have more of a QB problem so i’m taking the Raiders.

Giants 32

Cowboys 24

The Giants aren’t going to lose both games to the Cowboys this year. The G-Men are playing great and the ‘Boys aren’t being consistent.

Saints 33

Broncos 31

The Saints are back. After today, they will have 3 straight wins after an 0-4 start.

Buccaneers 31

Vikings 26

I feel that the Bucs have too much talent to drop to 3-5.

49ers 35

Cardinals 23

The Cardinals were never real. The niners need to step up on the offensive side of the ball and this is the week to do it.