Week four’s Orioles MVP is clear

May 04, 2009 |

Orioles fans can only hope that things get better from here. After losing six consecutive contests last week, it can’t get any worse. Eventually, a few more well hit balls will drop safely into the gap. A few borderline strikes will be called balls. A few opposing hitters will wave at a ball in the dirt. Eventually, the losing streak will end and be remembered only as a distant “low point” from which the team recovered. But eventually isn’t much consolation right now.

The O’s lost Monday’s series finale to the Texas Rangers, then dropped two games to the LA Angels on Tuesday and Wednesday. They were most recently sighted in Canada getting swept by the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is difficult to name an MVP in a week in which The Birds did not win a game but upon reflection one evening stands out. That evening was Thursday, when the Orioles had a scheduled off day. On Thursday, O’s fans didn’t race home only to watch their club lose by a run. On Thursday, we didn’t spend half the afternoon avoiding the boss and shirking work responsibilities while watching the gamecast of the inexplicable weekday 12:35 matchup. On Thursday, we didn’t think about how much worse it will be in August and September, when the team may struggle even more mightily than they are now.

And that’s why Thursday is your week 4 Orioles MVP.

Thursday: It’s not just the day before Friday anymore.

Other MVP candidates included Wednesday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night, all evenings that followed day games. These nights offered non-baseball related escapes that temporarily allowed us to forget about the Orioles’ losing ways. However, none offered a respite as thoroughly as did Thursday.

Innings one, two, and three were also candidates for this week’s award. In the past week, the Orioles held the lead during these innings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.