Weekend Review

December 08, 2008 |

I will start at the end of the weekend and work backwards. The Ravens defense looked awesome as usual on Sunday night led by Ed Reed. The game #20 played was amazing. Here is the problem though. The Ravens offense has major issues. For three quarters of that game they did absolutely nothing. They took advantage of the Reed interception and they had a great drive in the 4th quarter to seal the game in the fourth quarter. However during that drive they tried to fumble the ball back to the Redskins twice but managed to retain possession and make a great play call on the Mason TD. Next week will be huge for the Ravens. If they win they are tied for first and if they lose they could be in major trouble to make the playoffs. I think the Colts will run the table to lock up one Wild Card spot and it will be between the Ravens and the AFC East teams to battle it out for the last spot.

Now on to the weekend for the Navy football team. Glenn Clark did a good job of blogging the Army/Navy game. One thing I believe he left out was Rashawn King, a senior starting cornerback found out after traveling to Philly on Thursday night that his Dad passed away at 48 from a heart attack. He immediately left the team to fly home to be with his family. He didn’t play in the game. His Dad was around the team a lot and most of the players knew him so the whole team felt his loss.

Navy needs to go back to the regular uniforms. They need to be in gold helmets, gold pants, and either blue or white jerseys. That is the way it has been for most of Navy football history and it should stay that way.

Lastly lets talk about the bowl games for Maryland and Navy. The Terpsare now officially ducking Navy.  Maryland told Eagle Bank Bowl officials that they wouldn’t play in the bowl because it came the weekend after finals. Guess what Navy has finals that week also and they will be showing up. By the way I suspect in most cases the Navy finals will be much more difficult than the Maryland football team. Instead we get Navy and Wake Forest in a rematch. Navy had a no rematch clause in their contract but since the ACC ruled that Wake couldn’t be passed over for a 6-6 NC State team since the Deacons finished 7-5 and no deal could be worked out with another bowl game to exchange teams. Apparently Wake Forest was openly campaigning for a rematch with the Mids according to John Feinstein.

Keep in mind eventually you will have to play Navy 2.0 in Georgia Tech. Paul Johnson has done an amazing job in his first year using only part of his offense and another coaches’ players. How well will he do once he gets triple option ready athletes to run that offense.