Weekend wonderings

May 18, 2009 | Keith Melchior

I heard the announced attendance at Pimlico Saturday was less than 78,000.  They were not pleased with the attendance figures and most attribute the low attendance to the non-BYOB policy.  I saw some of those videos from years past. They were right to ban the BYOB. Someone could have been badly hurt by those flying beer cans. No way could they have enough security on site to prevent things like that from happening. If police or security tried to break up an altercation, I’m sure it would cause a riot-type situation. They did the right thing. Now that they have seen the result of their effort, they need to figure ways to improve the infield experience to draw more people there next year and beyond. Dropping the ticket price in half may help. They’ll figure it out.

Do the Japanese leagues play 7 innings?  Koji Uehara again pitches 5 solid innings and yet again gets in trouble once he reaches the 6th inning. What gives with this guy? He’s gone barely 7 innings I believe 1 time so far this season. The Orioles need starters who can consistently go 7+ innings. They had enough 5 inning starters the last 5 years. I know he is the best pitcher they have, but he has to prove he isn’t another Rodrigo Lopez type who looks good enough but may be better in the bullpen as a long relief guy.

The lacrosse final 4 is set and no Maryland based teams are in either the Division 1 or Division 3 championships. Rare for the state where lacrosse has been way better than all the NCAA football or basketball teams combined. Sure won’t be watching ESPN this weekend now.

The Orioles head to the big apple starting Tuesday night. They need to establish themselves as a team that can win on the road or 90+ losses is on the horizon. The matchups don’t favor the Orioles, especially with Luke Scott on the DL. Will the real Felix Pie please stand up? And where is Matt Weiters? All the talking heads had him coming here by May 15th. Last I looked he was still in Norfolk nursing that sore hammy. Time will tell.