Weekly Question, Comments and Concerns

June 27, 2009 |

Since my Sunday blog is going to be about the USA/Brazil soccer game I decided to move my weekly questions, comments and concerns blog up to Saturday.

Here are my questions, comments and concerns for this week:


What should the Orioles do with Melvin Mora?


Melvin Mora is longest tenured Oriole on the current roster, but many believe his days in Baltimore may be numbered. Currently hitting at .276 clip with just two homers and 22 RBI, Mora is off to his worst in recent memory and his 23 home run and 104 RBI season of last year is a distance memory. Mora is 37 and becomes a free agent at season’s end but there are a couple factors that could lead to him returning to the Orioles next season.

First, the Orioles really have no 3rd baseman in the farm system that they would consider an upgrade over Mora and I don’t believe they see Ty Wigginton as the 3rd baseman of the future. Second, Mora has a no trade clause, and likes Baltimore so he is likely to veto any trade the Orioles might pull off because he does not want to move his family. Lastly,and  this is just  an opinion, but I believe that the Orioles brass really still believes that Mora is a more then capable 3rd baseman and they are reluctant to part ways with him. Baseball is a business but there is a bit of a sentimental aspect with releasing or trading Mora, even though it maybe in the best interest of the club.

When it is all said and done I believe we will see Mora sign a two year deal and remain an Oriole until he retires.

How much is Dave Trembley to blame for the Orioles woes?


The Orioles are now 33-40 on the season, yet many fans are calling for Dave Trembley to lose his job. I have always been of the mind set, that the players, especially in baseball, are the ones who win and lose the game and the manager often takes too much blame. In baseball the manager really only needs to make about 4 or 5 major “decisions” per game, however, more often then not, Trembley makes the wrong  decision.

I believe that Trembley is too “by the book” and that has cost this team many times this season. You don’t have to rest your catcher on Sunday, but Trembley sticks to this adage like it is one of the 10 commandments. Trembley also tends to hit and run in the wrong situations.

All season the Orioles have shown a lack of fundamentals and that begins and ends with the manager. When was the last time you saw any Oriole lay down a sacrifice bunt?

The main problem that I have with Trembley is that I do not believe his personality meshes with this team. The Orioles are still a young team and I believe they need a fiery manager that is not afraid to speak his mind. Trembley showed this personality when he first got the job but has become complacent and comes off as very pompous and arrogant.

I am one of the many that believes Dave Trembley should be on his way out of Charm City at the end of the season.

Why do the Orioles insist on keeping Koji in the rotation?


The love affair with the Orioles first ever Japanese player seems to be over with everyone but the Orioles decision makers. How many times do Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley need to see Koji wilt away after four or five innings before they decide to move him to the bullpen where everyone knows he belongs. Just because the Orioles promised Koji he would be a starter doesn’t mean that they need to hold this promise and sacrifice wins.

Koji can’t pitch in the heat, lacks durability and struggles the second time through the opposing team’s lineup, any other pitcher with these traits would be coming out of the bullpen not taking the bump every fifth day.

Personally, I cringe in agony every time I see Koji take the mound and after his typical fourth inning exit, I regret that the Orioles ever acquired him.

Hopefully, whoever pitches for Koji on Sunday, pitches at least 7 good innings and becomes a permanent fixture in the rotation.


The NBA Draft is the completely meaningless.


I am a die hard college basketball fan but I do not have the same love for the NBA. Thursday night, I watched 7 picks in the second round and every one of those picks had their rights traded away by the team that drafted them. In the NFL Draft I find draft day trades exciting but during the NBA Draft I just find them to be bothersome. If a team is going to trade away the player they draft  less then 24 hours after drafting him, then why draft him in the first place. It is more like the NBA “potluck” then it is the NBA draft.

American Men’s tennis is in a sorry state.


From the 1960’s until Sampras and Aggassi’s retirement’s the Americans were a major factor in Men’s Tennis but those days are long, long gone. Jimmy Connors, Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Andre Aggassi were all superstars on the Men’s Tennis circuit and helped make tennis relevant in the United States. Today’s current crop of James Blake, Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish and rest of the “no names” are more known for their off the court lives then they are for their games on the court. Until men’s tennis can find the next American star then it will be nothing more then an afterthought to the American sports fan.


These look to be the same old Orioles:


Just when you thought the Orioles have turned the corner, they go to Florida and get embarrassed by the Marlins falling further away from the .500 mark. The Orioles have the talent to be much better then their record but seem to make blunders the remind fans of the Orioles of the early part of the decade.

The 2009 Baltimore Orioles seem to take one small step forward then two giant steps back. Until they can get a winning mind set and get some consistency it won’t matter how much talent they have.

These are my questions, comments and concerns for the week, please fell free to give me yours.