Welcome to Baltimore’s “Silly Season” …..

January 19, 2011 |

I am beginning to enter that subsequent phase to experiencing and accepting the events of last Saturday’s loss, in Pittsburgh. Just as nearly every RAVEN has flown south or west for the remainder of the winter, and to escape the finality of their season, I’m starting to move beyond it, as well.

That’s right …. I’m starting to get over it.

It doesn’t mean I’m totally dismissing the breakdowns and dysfunction that led to the 3rd quarter collapse. Heck, I’m never going to forget Saturday’s game. But, it cannot be changed – and in the span of a few days, we’ve dissected nearly every aspect of the loss.

Accept the reality – the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in the AFC Championship Game, this Sunday. They’re hosting a game that could’ve been played here. But, as Sunday arrives, M&T Bank Stadium will be absolutely empty.

Welcome to the off-season !!!!

The previous few paragraphs are my way of telling the reader that I’m washing these “writing hands” of twisting, turning, bending and spinning last Saturday’s game. I’m done writing about it. Aside from some future anecdotal references, I’m moving on …..

Since we’re in the initial stages of Baltimore’s DEADEST TWO MONTHS of sports appeal, I will be writing a few blogs, weekly, devoted to the “offbeat” side of my observations and opinions.


So, a few days ago, I was browsing one of the sports-tabloid websites, as I try keeping up with who gets arrested, sued, married and divorced. While I don’t really devote any on-air time to these subjects, I like being knowledgeable of sports’ social side.

During that same browse, I encountered a banner/advertisement for a website promoting “phone calls with your favorite CELEBRITIES.” Hey, it caught my interest …..

Disappointed? Oh, hell yes …..

I was expecting to find a way to finally phone-stalk Jen Aniston or Elisabeth Shue – but, I quickly found that I would be forced to settle for the likes of “Marilyn from The Munsters” or the “Professor from Gilligan’s Island”.

Uh …. no, thanks.

But, I did find the whole “Hollywood Is Calling” concept to be kinda interesting. And, it certainly makes sense – the website basically pitches “washed up” or “one hit wonder” actors and actresses for a quick phone call with fans.

The cost is 20 bucks and I will assume THE PROFESSOR calls a couple dozen knotheads, each day, and explains that he didn’t really turn coconuts into cookware …. while also admitting that if he was marooned on an island for a couple years, that he would’ve ended up in Ginger’s hut on a few chosen nights.

That’s right, later today – in a trailer park, somewhere within walking distance of the Pittsburgh city limits, I will imagine a lard-cake eating, ‘Steelers loving, Walmart shopping, Dukes Of Hazzard fan will be asking Roscoe P. Coltrane if he really wrecked that many cop cars, back in the day …..

However, the “Hollywood Is Calling” website did inspire me to consider if such a concept would work with former athletes taking moments from their day to call jock-sniffing fans, for a few minutes of adoration – at 20 bucks, per pop.

Without a doubt !!!! I can picture Dave in Hamilton sitting by the phone for the moment when Kordell Stewart or Willie Parker makes his day with a few minutes of dribble …. and a walk down a “Black and Yellow” memory lane.

While I’m not a jock-sniffer, by any means, I would probably be interested in chatting with a few former athletes – especially some of the more eccentric characters. My list would probably include …..