Well here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us in to…

October 21, 2007 | Keith Melchior

Did this game have a very familiar look? The Buffalo Bills out-Ravened the Baltimore Ravens today. Stout defense, key stops, a few big offensive plays, kicking 4 field goals and taking care of the ball on the offensive side led them to a well earned victory, not to mention way too many stupid penalties for the 4th ranked…errrrrr rather, RANK defense and some pretty terrible play execution on offense. My husky used to tackle better than these guys. What gives?
The Ravens are not a good football team and I don’t see them getting any better after the bye week. I see New England playing flawlessly week after week. I see Pittsburgh possibly getting a 2 game edge in the division and maybe 3 after Nov 5th (ughhhh)  I see the Colts doing what they’ve been doing, winning.  I see San Diego getting it together and with the addition of Chris Chambers will make it difficult to defend against LT. Even Cleveland has found some life and can be a threat to put up points.
We need to go 6-3 down the stretch to finish with 10 wins and hopefully gain a wild card berth. Honestly, I don’t see where those 6 wins will come from. Maybe 2 wins will come against the terrible Miami Dolphins and the last place Cincinnati Bengals (see ya Marvin!!) Right now, with the way the Ravens have played, no game can be classified as winnable.  I hate to play devil’s advocate, but we’ll have some extra money for Christmas presents or down payments on next year’s season ticket plans, that is, IF you don’t decide to sell your PSL after the season.
I don’t plan on watching ANY NFL football until November 5th when the Ravens limp into Pittsburgh for the Monday Night game. It will only add to my frustration when I see other teams easily doing what the Ravens can’t seem to do.