Well I guess I finally got it figured out…The O’s Really Suck! Here’s Why!

April 20, 2010 |

It’s a shame that they don’t seem to really care either! The owner: as long as  the MASN money keeps coming in who needs fans.  The GM: can only do what he is allowed to do (put losers on the field).  The Manager:  No balls,  no fire in his belly, he has never managed a winning team, he must work cheap and is ok with losing. HE MUST GO!!! Fire this waste of non leadership. You can’t win if you have never done it! The players:  Some of them really want to win, but haven’t figured out what it takes. They don’t play like winners! They don’t run hard to first base or even run all the way to first. They don’t know what small ball is. They don’t have a team leader! I guess millionaires don’t have to play fundamental baseball or get back to basics. I disagree with the few who are telling us to go back to the yard and support this inferior product called the Baltimore Orioles. It is time to stay home and save your hard earned money & not spend it on surcharge for premium games, over priced food & beverages and more fee’s for a desire to buy a ticket on an impulse thinking they might win! This is not the Oriole way of playing  baseball.  It’s time for a boycott!!!