We’re getting closer…

April 15, 2009 |

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a crazy Ravens fan…psycho in fact.  If I wasn’t working last night, I think I would of had to host a party just for the NFL schedule release.  But with the schedule release and with next week’s NFL draft, the season gets closer by the day…only 103 days until the start of training camp and it’s time for me to break out my purple nails and hair.  And now I get to start planning on which big road trip I want to take this year…last year’s trip was completely derailed by Hurricane Ike, and of course we had one of our best games against the Texans for the rescheduled game I could not attend.

I am very excited about the upcoming season and I think we have a really good shot to make the playoffs again.  Probably a 10-6 or 11-5 season.  Flacco has a whole year under his belt and should only get better.  We did lose some key players in Bart Scott, Jason Brown, and Jim Leonhard (I do have the upmost respect for Rex Ryan, but what’s up with taking all our players!), but we still have great veterans and leadership on our team and some good additions in C Matt Birk and CB Dominique Foxworth.  We were given the 5th weakest schedule in the NFL, one position lower than the Steelers.  I think that’s totally mind-boggling…why do the defending Super Bowl Champs get the 4th weakest schedule?  With a lot of their wins coming on controversial calls, they should have to prove, without ref help, that they can repeat.  You know, I hope, even if I can’t win this competition, that I can continue writing sports blogs somewhere just so I can keep talking trash about the Steelers…it really gives great pleasure and I think should be a form of therapy.

All I can say is LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!