What If?

January 16, 2010 | Marty Mossa

In November of 1995 WBAL TV leaked the story that the Cleveland Browns were coming to Baltimore.  The thought of those ugly uniforms and the name Baltimore Browns sounded ridiculous.  God love Cleveland, but they wanted to keep their name, colors, and tradition.  Who could blame them?

Shortly after the move was finalized, Art Model offered Colt’s owner Jimmy Ersay five million dollars for the Colts’ name, colors, records and logo.  Ersay demanded 25 million, knowing full well that Art wouldn’t be able to fork up the other $20,000,000.

What would have happened if somehow, someway, the business leaders and people of Baltimore came up with the cash?  Image if there was a telethon held in town.  Perhaps Legg Mason, the Paterakis family, Ed Hale, GM, and Bethlehem Steel all matched whatever the citizens of Baltimore could raise.  I know it is a stretch.  Everything happened so fast between November of 1995 and March of 1996 that nothing like that could have been mobilized that quickly.  If you recall some hard heads in the Maryland General Assembly didn’t want to fund a new stadium for an NFL team in Baltimore.  Also some people were not too sold on adopting a team stolen from another city.  Remember it happened to us twelve years earlier.  But what if we would have gotten the name, logo, colors and records back?

Today’s ACF Divisional Playoff match up would be between the Baltimore Colts and the Indianapolis……..?  What do you think they would have called themselves?  The Hoosiers?  Racers? Checkers? 

I don’t know about you, but I think a sports team’s nick name (no matter what sport) should reflect the city they play in.  Baltimore Brown would have been absurd.  Indianapolis Racers or Checkers represent Indy far better than the Colts.  Well we didn’t get the Colts name back, so I’m happy with Ravens.  Wouldn’t it have been cool though if the city was lit up in blue, if cars, and yards were decorated in blue and white?  Well I digress.  It doesn’t matter what we call ourselves.  What matters is that we go into Indy and win.  Wow wouldn’t that be something?  GO RAVENS!!!  We need your help Johnny!!