What If…?

October 24, 2008 |

Let’s face it, the Baltimore Ravens have already exceeded many of the expectations of the pre-season. Before you put your guards up, this is not a Flacco vs. Smith conversation. This is looking at what this team has accomplished, as of now. No, not what I think they are going to do down the road, but what they’ve done, so far.

This Ravens team has done well laying a foundation for a successful future. They are beating teams that aren’t really play-off caliber teams. I don’t say that to be insulting, at all.

If the Ravens were losing to non-play-off caliber teams, I would be a little upset. Losing to the Miami Dolphins last year was embarrassing, beating them wasn’t.

If the Ravens go on and defeat the Oakland Raiders this Sunday to go to 4-3, where does that put us in the play-off picture? Should we even think about play-offs here in Baltimore? Are play-offs even possible for this team?

Let’s examine this. The San Diego Chargers aren’t a very good team, and they’re in a division that may be as weak as the AFC North. The AFC is two-deep with the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. The AFC South isn’t as strong as expected with the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars not playing up to expectations.

Maybe, in this crazy year, the Baltimore Ravens will be able to become a play-off contender, in a season that had little expectations. Why not, we usually underachieve in seasons where we have very high expectations.