What is going to happen if…….

April 16, 2009 | Keith Melchior

…the Oriole bats suddenly go silent?  The pitching has been absolutely horrendous. Thank God they were able to  score lots of runs in their 6 wins. They remind me of  the Texas Rangers of a few years ago with A-Rod and company. Tons of hitting but no pitching. Lots of 10-7 and 9-5 games that season. Missing Dice-K and Beckett this weekend in Beantown may be a blessing in disguise. I can imagine the Red Sox are salivating over the prospects of getting to face a staff with a combined ERA well over 6, especially at Fenway.

…the Capitals lose game 2 to the Rangers?  Will Bruce Boudreau make a goaltending change down 0-2?  I wrote back in September that I didn’t think Jose Theodore ‘Beaver Cleaver’ was a high caliber playoff goaltender. He looked rather ordinary last night. If the Caps do make it to the next round, the Devils and a virtually fresh Marty Brodeur will be a very formidable opponent. There’s no sport that has the excitement of a Stanley Cup playoff game.

…the Orioles have 2 or more players missing games or not at 100% with nagging injuries this weekend? With 13 pitchers on the roster, it leaves only 3 reserves, Andino, Moeller and Freel, not exactly players who strike fear into opposing pitchers. You know Trembley is going to concede victory Sunday and play Andino and Moeller since it’ll be a day game after a night game. It’ll be interesting to see how the pitching holds up this weekend and what other roster moves are forthcoming.

…the Ravens don’t draft a wide receiver with the 26th pick next Saturday?  I keep hearing people talking up Haywood-Bey from UM, but is that JUST because he is from UM?  Although he is a speedy receiver, he didn’t exactly light it up during his career with the Terps. Do the names Yamon Figurs and Lamont Brightful ring a bell?

…NBC decides to keep Cris Collinsworth in the booth for years to come?  My favorite Madden gaffe’ was when he was describing an offensive play and said the running back was supposed to go thru the B-hole but since there was nowhere to go, he chose to go in the A-hole. A classic Maddenism. We’ll miss him.

…the NFL Network and Comcast can’t reach an agreement? For a supposed fan friendly league, the NFL sure screwed up when they decided to play meaningful regular season games in other countries, and now they are denying millions of fans the opportunity to watch their own network programming. Hard to branch out and attract new fans that way, isn’t it?

…. not what… but actually,  how do they differentiate the game-worn jerseys that honored Jackie Robinson. There were no names, just 30 jerseys with the number 42 on them. I have only heard they are auctioning off the jerseys, not whether or not they will be autographed and authenticated. So how do we know who wore what?  Will they give a certificate of authenticity stating that “X player” wore this particular jersey and autographed it on April 15th in honor of Jackie?  I’d like to get a Mark Hendrickson, Adam Eaton, or Radhames Liz jersey for 50 bucks in hopes no one else will want them. I can put it with my Sidney Ponson autographed baseball from his rookie season.  Ahh memorabilia!