What Now

April 17, 2010 |

This was going to be the year we saw improvement. wasn’t it? I had myself firmly convinced that this team was going to be the best we had seen in quite a while in Baltimore.
There is talent on this team. I only question if it actually is a team. There seems to be no attitude of winning. The feeling that every time they take the field they should expect to win.  In the American League, managers only do so much. They do influence the preparedness of their team. Think of the successful managers in baseball over the last few years. We’ll eliminate the Yankee managers only for the sake of leveling the field. Take these names: Gardenhire, Soscia, Leyland, and Maddon. These guys get results from their players and are respected. Like Perlozzo and Miller before him, Trembley does not get the respect of his players. The one job, above all, that he should do is not accept less than one hundred percent every game.

As a small example, in the Tampa series, on getaway day, Tampa rested no starters including their catcher. Trembley rested anyone he could. I think if this team is ever going to win they need a leader who’s message is,” if you don’t want to play every day, you don’t want to play at all.”  This team needs a stronger leader and a different attitude.