What Suggs will cost,Willis wins championship,Bedard,QB’s,and basketball

February 07, 2008 |

          The cost to keep Terrell Suggs as a franchise player is about 8.1 million dollars as a linebacker. Just for argument case, the cost to keep him as a defensive end is 8.9 million. In my opinion Suggs will be franchised pretty soon and be with the Ravens next year.

          Has any trade in sports history taken as long as the Erik Bedard trade has? It is the craziest thing I have ever seen. What could be taking so long? There are reports out that Bedard has not even been to Seattle yet for his physical. This to me is just another example of why teams do not like dealing with the O’s because it is such a long drawn out process.

          Congratulations to Ravens running back Willis McGahee who won the 2008 Madden Bowl at the Super Bowl this year. Playing the Xbox 360 Willis took home the trophy using the Buffalo Bills as his team. Funny enough, Willis actually beat Marshawn Lynch in the finals for the trophy. Willis is one of the guys you always see at Derrick Mason’s locker playing XBOX with Mason, Mark Clayton, Devard Darling, and a host of others.

          Looking forward to the upcoming NFL combine to see who will be that guy to emerge from almost no where into a 1st round pick. I still do not think that they will take a QB in the 1st round.

          I agree with Drew and have said it for a while now, like it or not I really think that McNair is coming back for one more year. Everyone is all in a uproar about McNabb, I just don’t see it happening, and o by the way that is great if the Ravens want him, but last time I checked the Eagles have to be willing to give him up, and I just don’t see that happening. I will still stick with much like the Ravens are going to give McNair one more shot; I think the Eagles are going to try one more run with McNabb. Probably is the last shot for Andy Reid also with the Eagles.

          I think the Phoenix Suns will be a better basketball team with Shaq running the floor. I hear a lot of people saying it was a mistake to trade Shawn Marion, but he is a guy who is due a huge amount of money next year, and wanted out of Phoenix before the season started. I don’t think Shaq will slow down the Suns fast paced offense that much. In my opinion it will be harder for the Heat to adjust to having Marion and Wade on the floor than it will be for Shaq and the Suns. I am looking forward to watching Shaq make his debut and will be able thanks to Comcast and the NBA package.

          Duke and Carolina played a pretty entertaining basketball game last night. Carolina forgot for about 5-7 minutes that they have one of the best big men in the country in Tyler Hansbrough on the floor and would not put the ball in his hands. I will say it now; I do not think Tyler will be a very good NBA player. He was at times getting his shot blocked to easily by Duke defenders, and letting way smaller guys score over him. Duke does a very good job of penetrating the defense with the dribble drawing in the defense then kicking the ball out for wide open jump shots.