What The Heck Happened Monday?

July 18, 2012 | Josh Levine

What the heck happened on Monday:

Ravens RB Ray Rice signs Five year, $40 Million contract
Orioles second baseman Robert Andino goes on the 15 day DL with a shoulder strain
Maryland AD Kevin Anderson is going to Stanford only he apparently is not
Orioles score seven runs and slap 13 hits and lose 19-7 to the Twins

Talk about a busy day for Baltimore and it’s sports teams. I am going to guess Tuesday will be much more tranquil. Kudos to Ozzie Newsome for getting Ray Rice signed to a long term contract. In addition to getting the Ravens best offensive player signed for five years and making him a very rich man, the Ravens freed up $2.7 million of much needed cap space. The Ravens, according to Pro Football Talk, had about $700,000 in cap space heading into yesterday and now have $3.4 Million after paying Rice.

The Rice deal is for five years, $40 Million and is worth $17 Million in year 1 and a total of $25 Million during year 1 and 2 combined. What’s interesting about this contract is that Newsome and Ravens “Capologist”, Pat Moriarty structured the contract that it gives the Ravens cap relief now and is cap friendly in the last two years of the deal. This makes sure that Rice is paid very well early on in the contract and if production starts to drop off after three seasons, then the cap hit is more manageable if the Ravens were to part ways with him. Also, the lower cap numbers in the last two years will give the Ravens cap flexibility that will most likely be needed.

It is great to be a Ravens fan. This organization does not skimp on paying its stars. They took care of Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis in 2009 when it was their turn. They took care of Haloti Ngata last year and Lardarious Webb this past winter and now they took care of Rice. The Ravens find superstars and take care of superstars. Up next on the radar will be QB Joe Flacco.

Baltimore Oriole second baseman Robert Andino has shoulder strain and is expected to miss three to four weeks while recovering. The O’s will have to move on with their 3rd string second baseman since Brian Roberts is also on the DL. It certainly feels like wheels are falling off the Oriole bus. We now have one starting pitcher on the roster who was a starter opening day. With the exception of Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Matt Wieters and at time JJ Hardy, it feels like the Orioles are simply a group of utility players and minor leaguers. Mark Reynolds contributes next to nothing at this point for this team. He should never be allowed to play in the field because he is an error waiting to happen. He should not be a DH because he bats .200 and has eight homeruns. Who on this team strikes fear in the heart of opposing teams?

The injuries’ to the Orioles and the destruction of the starting rotation is scary. Arietta, Hunter and Matusz were inconsistent and more often bad than good. Hammel is hurt. Two weeks ago, everyone thought Chris Tillman finally figured out how to be a pitcher and than July 14, 2012 occurred. Whispers of Brad Bergesen making a return are starting to fly. Even closer Jim Johnson has stunk up the joint his last two outings. Bad pitching, no hitting and lousy defense has created a team that is playing awful.
I thought my beloved University of Maryland Terrapins were going to be pardoned for their mistake in hiring Kevin Anderson as Athletic Director when rumors were rampant that he had accepted the same role at Stanford. This guy has been one disaster after another since he took over at Maryland. His disgraceful handling of Ralph Friedgen was an embarrassment to the school and his hiring of Randy Edsall has been anything but successful. Edsall has alienated many players including 2010 ACC Freshman of the Year QB Danny O’Brien. O’Brien is off to the University of Wisconsin, but Edsall even had to make O’Brien’s transfer complicated by placing several restrictions on him.

Anderson may have hired a good basketball coach to replace Gary Williams in Mark Turgeon, but Anderson recently cut seven varsity sports. Had Anderson kept football afloat, perhaps these sports could have been saved. Instead Anderson and his fair haired boy Edsall have ticked off many alumni and fans across the state.

News of Anderson’s departure led to callings for Gary Williams to take over as AD. I’d be shocked if Gary wanted the job, but I would take him in a heartbeat. Instead it appears as of writing that Anderson is staying put and Stanford is safe from him while the Testudo Nation is stuck with him. Hopefully Mrs. Edsall does not save my name as a blogger who said something negative about her husband. After all, I am a contributing alumni 

All in all, July 16, 2012, was one crazy Monday!