What to do with Sergio Kindle?

August 16, 2010 |

The Baltimore Ravens think they have a great player in OLB Sergio Kindle. A guy who has that Raven-like intensity, elite athleticism and a mean streak that strikes fear into anyone behind the offensive line. Only problem is, when are we going to see Kindle suited up in the purple and black?

We are all aware of the head injury that Kindle suffered about a month ago that left him with a fractured skull and swelling after Sergio fell down a flight of stairs at a friends house in Austin, Texas. As of right now, there is no time table of when Kindle will be able to return. Start of the season? Week 6? 2011 season? Will he ever play football again?

Sergio Kindle remains as the only 2010 draft pick that has not been signed to a contract. This is because the Ravens seem to be waiting to make a move until Kindle is cleared to take the football field once again. From my point of view, this is the best way to handle this situation because Ozzie is not the type of GM who will get to anxious with a player and then see it blow up in his face.

Owner of the Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, stated that he thinks Kindle will play football once again, even as early as this season.

“I think in a perfect world, we’d like to have a decision come mid-September whether we think he’s going to be able to contribute to us and we can put him on the PUP list, then, we’d have that option of having him for 10 games.”

Bisciotti also agrees that “he’s going to be around here a long time.”

In my opinion, I think we should sit Kindle out for the season because of the type of injury he has combined with the physical nature of the linebacker position. It just does not seem feasible for a guy who is coming off a fracture to his skull to strap on a helmet and start hitting opposing running backs. Now, this is not saying that Kindle will not play this year, the Ravens doctors could clear him to play and we could see our first draft pick suit up. However it seems to me that keeping Kindle for the season would be the best way to assure that we can see him killing quarterbacks in the future.

Losing a player like Kindle is a blow to our team, but not as much as people would think. Kindle was more of a bonus draft pick considering how deep we are at OLB right now. He was a player that fell into Ozzie’s lap and simply was too hard to pass up. Having a few guys like Antwan Barnes, Jameel McClain and others will allow for our pass rush to stay just as strong.

Our best wishes go out to Sergio as he starts to get his strength back. We expect to have you as a Raven for a very long time.