What to expect out of UMD Terps

November 13, 2009 |

The Terps are winding down another disappointing season and the cry is now to start developing the players for the future and get them game experience so they can compete for an ACC title.  It seems like Maryland football has been toiling in mediocrity for as long as I can remember.  Yes, Fridge coached up players he inheritated to 3- 10 win seasons from 2001-2003, but if you look back on the history of Maryland football, they did not have a season with more than 6 wins from 1985-2000.   So what really should our expectations be for this program?  You hear about the top 30 recruiting classes, but that talent is not translating into top 30 teams.  You are asking coaches to get to .500, and 7 or 8 win seasons are considered great, and anything above and beyond that is phenomenal.  So what’s next for the this program.  Keith Cavanaugh talks of incoming stud freshman quaterbacks, but then you will hear how they cant grasp Fridge’s complicated offensive system, which leaves the team inevitably in the hands of 2-star quarterback with lots of smarts, but not a lot of ability.   Maryland just can’t hang with Miami, Florida State, North Carolina, Va Tech, etc.  The fans are now left to hold their breath against James Madison and deal with back to back losses to Middle Tennessee State!!  While it would be nice if Maryland could become a year in and year out contender for the ACC title, its just not going to happen.  Changing the coaching staff with a hot up and coming coordinator may help for a year or two, but Maryland will be seen as a stepping stone job.  I think we all just need to be happy with our .500 program, occassional win over a ranked team and just accept the fact that Terps Football is just another average team.