“What Were You Thinking” – Featuring Paul Kruger, Johnny Depp, Green Bay Packers & The WHO

December 01, 2009 |

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “What Were You Thinking” blog. My apologies – but, I’m hoping today’s edition makes up for it. I’ve tried to include an array of hot topics, while purposely excluding Tiger Woods. he gets his own blog, tomorrow.

Enjoy …..

Paul Kruger is the MAN

For months, Baltimore’s football fans have been panning for Paul Kruger to join the likes of Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Ed Reed and Derrick Mason among the impacting, ACTIVE players on the team’s 45-man gameday roster.

Until the recent injury of the Ravens $62 Million Dollar Man, Terrell Suggs, Kruger had remained a steady name on the team’s list of benchwarmers, nearly every week. It was an unacceptable reality for the team’s faithful fans who’ve embraced Paul Kruger’s “mountain man” look and passionate training camp regimen.


And, with every defensive collapse or miscue, the PEOPLE continued to speak ….. and complain.


Regardless of the suggestions that he “would not” or “could not” play Special Teams, Baltimore’s football fans wanted this guy dressed on Sunday. With Suggs injury, Kruger got his chance. Some insiders will tell you Paul Kruger has struggled in his limited opportunities – while overrunning some assignments. But, that’s history ….. at least, for now.

Admittedly, I’ve been drinking the Kruger Kool-Aid, too. He played with a relentless abandon during the pre-season, while making tackles from sideline to sideline. So, I was among the collective crowd doing the head scratch over Kruger’s weekly omission from the ACTIVE roster, during the season’s first half.


But, with one huge interception, Paul Kruger has vindicated himself and all of us who’ve supported him. The sky is the limit Kruger Fans !!!! The fever will grow and a rock star is being born before our eyes.

Only two questions remain …..

Can the NFL have “#99 Kruger” jerseys ready for Christmas shoppers …..

And, to whomever decided to keep Ray Lewis II ….. I mean Paul Kruger, off the ACTIVE roster for 8 out of the first 9 weeks, “what were YOU thinking?”

The Blind Side – Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy

Last Saturday, I went to see the Blind Side, the movie based on the real-life circumstances of Ravens Rookie, Michael Oher. It’s an inspiring story and the entire cast did a phenomenal job. Later this week, I’ll be writing about the movie, with my thoughts on the spirit of the message, as well as how it really affected me.

But, today, I’m seizing an opportunity to pick on one of The Blind Side’s vulnerable portrayals …..

Sandra Bullock gave a fantastically authentic performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, the Memphis woman who truly saved Michael. You will hear Sandra Bullock’s name when Golden Globes and Oscar nomination are announced. Bet on it …..

I also thought Quinton Aaron did a fine job managing the role of Michael Oher – especially since both gentlemen have never met and Aaron had to take guidance on Oher’s mannerisms from others.

But the one role that left me scratching my head was casting Nashville’s Tim McGraw, as Sean Tuohy, Michael Oher’s adoptive father. In looking at McGraw and Tuohy, I’ve drawn a couple like comparisons …..


They’re both ALIVE …..

And, they’re both WHITE …..

That’s about it, wouldn’t you agree ???

In considering the physical disparities between Tim McGraw and Sean Tuohy, I was actually buoyed with encouragement. After all, someday, a movie based on my life might be made. I’ve got no idea why, but who knows ???

If so, I got a likely candidate to play Rex Snider …..

Photobucket  …..  

Well, what do you think? I know, “what was I thinking?” …..

NFL’s Thanksgiving Day Matchups SUCK

There is no excuse for it. The NFL has a myriad of matchups to consider and every season, they give us no fewer than 2 out of 3 steamy TURDS. And, before they added the 3rd primetime game, it was usually a perfect 2 for 2 on stinky affairs.

I wouldn’t say we should be disappointed in last Thursday’s games, right? We all knew what would happen in the first couple contests – the ORIGINAL Thanksgiving games. Look at the respective matchups …..



Why do the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions host Thanksgiving games every season?

Don’t misunderstand my message – I’m not lobbying for a Turkey Day Matinee, in Baltimore. No freakin’ way ….. the Ravens have enough problems on 7 days rest, and against 3rd string quarterbacks.

But, I don’t wanna hear about tradition, either. There is nothing traditional about today’s NFL product. The Thanksgiving games should rotate around the league, and matchups need more consideration.

Who’s the genius that thought the Oakland Raiders would prove formidable for ANY TEAM?

It’s Thanksgiving !!!!

A note to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell …. start showing the FANS some THANKS and provide 3 games worth watching. Green Bay vs. Detroit ….. Oakland vs. Dallas ….. thanks alot, Rog !!!! Good grief, Mr. Commish, “what were you thinking ???”

People Magazine’s – Sexiest Man Alive

Admittedly, this is not my favorite issue. But, standing in a crowded grocery line will force me to read nearly anything – including PEOPLE MAGAZINE !!!!

I was kinda surprised to see Johnny Depp has been named the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, according to the fine gossip hounds at People Magazine. Do they realize he’s in the neighborhood of 50 years old?


I have more interest in determining the SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE …..

Kristen Bell Pictures, Images and Photos
jessica alba topless Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m just assuming girls would prefer the likes of Tom Brady, Jason Statham, David Beckham or those dudes from the movie, Twilight.

I’m also assuming women would think guys who are in their 20’s or 30’s are SEXIER than 50 year old dudes. Hey, that’s how guys think …..

But, don’t despair, there’s hope for us older, pudgy guys ….. Alec Baldwin was named a Runner-Up in People Magazine’s list.

Good Lord, “What in the hell was People Magazine thinking?”

College Coaching Carousel Goes ‘Round …..

On Monday, the pink slip process started in college football. A big name fell, and Tuesday is likely to bring about another. Yet, one mediocre program is expected to continue with the status quo, and the average to poor results it brings. Follow along closely here …..

Charlie Weis – FIRED !!!!

Bobby Bowden – FORCED TO RETIRE !!!!

King Ralph – EXPECTED TO RETURN !!!!

Ahh, a fine reward after a 2-WIN season. Congrats, Terps Fans ….. I’m certain you’re eagerly anticipating the start of the 2010 football season.

The WHO Plays Halftime @ Super Bowl XLIV

During Thursday’s Cowboys vs. Raiders Thanksgiving SNOOZER, the NFL announced the halftime entertainment for this year’s Super Bowl. Evidently, Roger Goodell and company have a thing for the “moldy oldies.”

Or, the NFL is just getting a good deal in a bad economy …..

How else do you explain this year’s musical act, The WHO ???

Don’t get me wrong, I like some old stuff. And, I’m a fan of other 60’s era artists. But, The WHO haven’t been relevant in a VERY LONG TIME. In fact, they haven’t released a popular song in nearly 30 years.

You got that ??? 30 years …..

The last time The WHO hit the charts, Cal Ripken was playing baseball ….. IN THE MINORS.

Nick Markakis, Ray Rice, Adam Jones, Joe Flacco, Matt Wieters and Haloti Ngata were still in their parents’ future …..

And, these guys ruled the SPORTS WORLD :


NL Rookie Of The Year & Cy Young (1st Ever)
<img src=”Photobucket




Heisman Trophy Winner

Heavyweight Champion

NASCAR Champion

Take your average 20 year old kid – who LOVES football. I’d bet they can’t name half of the listed champions, pictured above.

Yeah, maybe they’ll get the guys on the Sports Illustrated covers. But, they don’t know the likes of Rollie Fingers.

The NFL seems to have a history of scheduling musical artists who’ve seen their better days – they’re on the backside of a nice career. And, I’m not disparaging “The WHO.” I just don’t think half of the NFL’s fanbase – the younger generation identifies with a band who’s been out of circulation so long.

I know, I know, if I’m gonna criticize it, I’d better have a solution, right?

Well, how about these acts :


AC/DC – They cover all generations, and they’re still putting out music. They’re putting out music and selling out arenas around the world. And, their music FITS the NFL’s product.

Jay Z

Jay Z – He’s about as big as musical acts come, right now. And, he’s a huge sports fan.


Metallica – Maybe a little too hard for a Super Bowl crowd. But, Metallica resonates with all age groups. They would just need to behave …..

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney – Perhaps, the most logical choice. He will DEFINITELY perform at a Super Bowl. He’s a big football fan and the NFL already loves him. It’s just a matter of time …..

It’s just a personal opinion, but I think of these acts would be a better choice than The WHO.

Once again, “what was the NFL thinking?”