What would you do with Matt Wieters’ first home run ball?

June 09, 2009 |

I’ll be out at the game on Friday, most likely sitting in the cheap seats in right center. The O’s will be going up against the Braves top prospect Tommy Hanson who is a right handed pitcher. To me, the timing seems right for Matt Wieters’ first major league home run.

I plan on sitting next to one of my least coordinated friends so it can hit off of his hands and land in my lap without busting up my own hands.

Once I have the ball what should I do? I am assuming an usher would come over and take me somewhere to make a deal to give the ball up. Meanwhile, some idiot will be offering me $50 for the ball as I leave my seat.

At first, I thought that I would just give the ball to Wieters as a nice gesture. But then again, why shouldn’t I handle things the “Oriole Way.” The Orioles would drag on negotiations for weeks and try to make every dollar they could. Maybe they would even back out of the deal once it was agreed to.

The way the O’s handle business can’t be held against Wieters right? Of course not, but what if Scott Boras was advising me in what to do with this ball? He would get ever last penny for it. Boras would never represent me since he is not what I stand for, but Matt Wieters has no problem being associated with the guy. So why not treat Wieters the way his representative treats people?

So what should my demands be?

I have a 7 month old and I would think that $25K would be a nice start to his college fund.

Or how about something that would be so easy and painless for Wieters, but something he would be restricted from doing. Something that would be pretty embarrassing for the Orioles…

That’s right, once I catch the ball on Friday night, all that Matt Wieters will need to do is call in to the Sunday Morning Blitz on Sunday from 10a-12p for an exclusive interview.

With that kind of a threat he would likely fork over the $25K.