Whatever happens tonight, I have had fun!!

May 27, 2009 |

Like everyone else in Baltimore I still have Matt Wieters’ arrival on my mind but I figured I would take a break and discuss tonight festivities at Padonia Station.

Tonight is the finals of the King of Baltimore Sportstalk Competition involving myself, Tom Clayton, Luke Jones, Todd Salkowski, Jerry Reinhardt, Lawson Lambert and Chris Stoner.

In addition to all of us will be the usual cast of WNST characters as well as Brian Billick and John Buren. The whole night should be fun and the atmosphere is going to be electric and hopefully we can deliver some good radio.

I really do wish all the other competitors the best and it has been great meeting people that are as passionate about Baltimore sports as I am and I think all are worthy of the title has King of Baltimore Sportstalk.

This competition has been all that I have been thinking about for the past month and I am sure the rest of the finalists would agree. I am sure we were all confident in our ability but I am not sure if we all expected to make it this far.

I have had fun this competition and still will continue to do so regardless of the outcome, and I am sure the others would agree. Making it this far has done nothing but increase my confidence that I can make it in this business that I have worked so hard to get into.

I personally want to thank everyone at WNST for giving me the shot and deeming me worthy enough to make it to the finals.

Whatever happens tonight it has been fun and whoever wins will definitely be a worthy champion.

I hope to see everyone at Padonia and I hope tonight will not be the last time that my voice will be heard