Whats In A NickName?

April 29, 2009 | Tom Clayton

I’m not calling out Terrell Suggs but my friends have called me T-Sizzle for as long as I can remember.  I love my nickname and get a smile every time I hear somebody call me by it.  It got me to thinking; what are the best nicknames in sports?  After thinking about it for probably way too long I came up with two lists; one for active players and one for retired players.  The nicknames are in order of my personal favorites.


Current Players:


1.  “The Black Mamba” = Kobe Bryant

2.  “The Big Puma” = Lance Berkman

3.  “The Answer” = Allen Iverson

4.  “Big Papi” = David Ortiz

5.  “The Big Hurt” = Frank Thomas

6.  “Big Unit” = Randy Johnson

7.  “Agent Zero/Hibachi” = Gilbert Arenas

8.  “The Chosen One/King James” = LeBron James

9.  “The Big Fundamental” = Tim Duncan

10.  “El Caballo” = Carlos Lee

11.  “Lights Out” = Shawn Merriman

12.   “The Hebrew Hammer” = Ryan Braun



Retired Player:


1.  “The Splendid Splinter”= Ted Williams

2.  “Charlie Hustle” = Pete Rose

3.  “Sweetness” = Walter Payton

4.  “Magic” = Ervin Johnson

5.  “The Great One” = Wayne Gretzky

6.  “Mr. October” = Reggie Jackson

7.  “Iron Man” = Cal Ripken Jr.

8.  “The Human Eraser” = Marvin Webster

9.  “Shoeless Joe” = Joe Jackson

10.  “The Round Mound of Rebound” = Charles Barkley

11.  “Air Jordan” = Michael Jordan

12.  “The Golden Bear” = Jack Nicklaus


Everybody has their own opinion and I am sure I missed some good names.  If you disagree with my list or want to add some to your favorites; bring it!