What’s MacPhail Going to Do Now?

April 17, 2009 |

I hope Andy MacPhail has been paying attention to the implosion of his pitching staff over the last 5 games. We all knew they were going to be bad, but this bad? Even in the two wins in Texas, every pitcher has looked horrific.

Fast forward to tonight. Our staff ace Jeremy Guthrie, who by the way has 19 career wins, was on the mound and was supposed to stop the bleeding. The offense even gave him a 7-0 lead. The Red Sox chipped away because of two defensive lapses. They scored three runs in the 2nd because Adam Jones dropped a shallow fly ball in center field. Then in the 5th inning Aubrey Huff booted a routine ground ball that allowed the Red Sox to score three more unearned runs to tie the game at 8. Wasn’t defense supposed to be this teams’ strength?

The Orioles are 6-3 only because of their offensive outburst to start the season. While the offense will keep them in the game on some nights, the pitching must get better if this team even wants to hit 72-75 wins. I can’t remember a game this season where a pitcher has made it past the sixth inning. Oh, wait a minute, no one has. That’s pathetic. Our sorry excuse for a starting rotation isn’t even capable of eating innings.

I was trying to start drinking the orange Kool-aid, I really was. But, Andy MacPhail needs to do something immediately to correct the pitching situation. It’s absurd that they even thought this rotation would be competitive when they left Fort Lauderdale. Hell, what are Sidney Ponson, Bruce Chen and Rodrigo Lopez, doing right now? Maybe they could lure Moose out of Retirement, but somethings’ got to change. 

While our pitching staff is giving up 10+ runs a game, Brad Bergesen, Chris Tillman, Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton, and Chris Waters have all put up solid performances to begin the season in the minor leagues. The Orioles best chance to win now and in the future is to get as many of those guys here as possible. The Marlins don’t baby their pitching prospects and most of them have turned out just fine. Tampa Bay went with a rotation of youngsters last season and made it all the way to the World Series.

If I were MacPhail, I’d be calling Pedro and any other pitcher who may be available. But first, I’d be calling to Norfolk and Bowie to get some help here now. Without it, the Birds may not make it out of Boston above .500.